You dumbass motherfuckers…

i told you  was in trouble in Hollywood. Just ask The Banker…

Meanwhile, hippy journalists use liberal tactics and manufactured narratives to focus on AirPod Pros selling out like hotcakes.


Ask yourself one question?

What’s the margin on an AirPod Pro versus idiotically drunk walking into arguably, the world’s second oldest profession.

Tim Apple thought he could Steve Jobs his way into Hollywood the way Jobs did into music.

Not this time Tim. Hollywood is really good at making movies and inherently, even better at watching them. They saw this movie already and this is one trap  won’t be able to enter.

Making iPods and iPhones is tough. af.

Making movies and tv shows is harder.

Tim Apple overreached here because Apple used it’s homegrown Apple Maps for its strategic vision.

Apple is (for)Stalled. and fucking lost.

Instead if waisting resources on movies, it should have pursued Titanium endeavours. But everyone end-arounded them there too.

Steve always used to say that ships sink from the top. Russians say fish stink from the head.

Apple is a stinking drunk fish that just got its first, (of many) ass kickings from Hollywood.

PS – truth is stranger than fiction. who’d have thunk that The Banker would trip Tim and Apple up. You can’t write this shit…


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