I wouldn’t call PED a journalist.

Today. 1/2/20

He spent some time at Fortune where he used to journalise.

Today he runs a blog aggregating Apple news and then writing one line at the bottom.

Therefore, he’s a content aggregator.

Or a bot

But he’s human

So let’s call him a hot

But he’s a fanboy

So let’s call him a hot fanboy

But he’s kinda a homer

So let’s call him a hot fanboy homer

But he’s never owned a share of Apple

In that case, let’s call him a Stupid Hot Fanboy Homer

Yeah, that’s what he is. A SHFH. That’s what he is.

So if shill was on the far left. And journalist was on the far right, PED would be right in the middle.

Fair and balanced I’d say…

PS – but he’s certainly not a journalist. Today…

PPS – George Knott ‘24 46…

The Voice of Reason
Maybe he’s an Uber driver
I’m a lover of PED 3.0. Call me a PEDphile. 3.0 tho. Next Gen PEDphile. PED should have an organisation for the men that love him. Like NAPLA.

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