Go home Nikkei. Your* drunk

From PED Tim Apple has told us time and time again that predicting Apple’s moves via production maneuvers is a fruitless (pun intended) endeavor. There are new AirPods coming. PS – AirPods are so 2020. It’s all about AirTags now. I expect gross margin on AirTags to be close to 80%. And I think theyContinue reading “Go home Nikkei. Your* drunk”

After child dies, US regulator warns about Peloton treadmill

NEW YORK (AP) — Safety regulators warned people with kids and pets Saturday to immediately stop using a treadmill made by Peloton after one child died and others were injured. The U.S…. — Read on apnews.com/article/product-safety-be5516665f9a2c7c4bb9b9441d4aef01 PC – apparently $PTON kills too.