PTON short thesis #UnusualActivity with @JonNajarian… — CNBC Halftime Report (@HalftimeReport) April 8, 2021 Why pay 2500 and 50 a month when I can hit the gym for 30-60 a month? We’ll see what happens. the may 100 Puts are being hammered. -84 papi chulo – I think with reopening, people will embrace nature more.Continue reading “PTON short thesis”

Semiconductor task force $NVDA $LAM $AMD $TSM $MRVL Free money out there, could digest/consolidate a little bit before next eplody. But remember everything needs chips nowadays, tv’s, cars, phones, washing machines you get the spheal. Thank me later – 84 (Anyone see AAPL go up on this news of supply shortage lol)

$AAPL is being parked / pinned at $130…

The inst. got caught on their weekly atm writes and 130 is the line in the sand. They’ll either park it at 130 or 127.50 tomorrow and imho, gap 130 Monday after Long Island ice teas and dirty martinis in the Hamptons and Malibu this weekend.

I want to start a business where I just copy pasta

And stack. For a hippie, PED did well… Papi Chulo’s take: No shit Sherlock. As I’ve said before EVERYONE. Apple has no peers. Read my research report posted last weekend before EVERYONE on the Street started copying my shit.