She asked for it? 😂😂😂

Great defense strategy. 🍿 🍿 🍿 Perhaps she asked for rough sex and Bauer took it a little too far which is easy with rough sex. Big deal, he anally raped her till she bled and punched her in the face a couple times. Bauer’s about to find out what rough sex is at Men’sContinue reading “She asked for it? 😂😂😂”

Anyone wanna see The Tomorrow War tomorrow?

Papi Chulo is kinda a big deal and I’ve got a plus one. Amazing movie premiere tomorrow in LA. Amazon bought this off $VIAC for 200mm. Comment below why you should go…

Now let’s play little bank takes big bank…

Introducing the 21 Chip… Currently accepted in Malibu at Malibu News Stand 23717 PCH, 90265 Bank phone number 272-777-2100 Thanks for playing…

Skilled Cat Enterprises starts $ALGT with Strong Buy – 🎯 in.

Skilled Cat Enterprises started $ALGT with a Strong Buy today and a one year price target of $250. I would give you a whole research report but I’m busy today making 50%. Today Buy. Buy Buy…

Per PED: Bring out the gimp

Here comes the narrative battle between buy and sell side. 🍿

$FDX: Buy, sell or hold into the number?

I’m not really on the name really but just looking at the chart, depending on your position, I’d hold equities, and prob buy some 4Q ATM or OTM in options. If you have a current option position expiring tomorrow, take your dominant hand and cup your balls. If the testicle on the opposite side ofContinue reading “$FDX: Buy, sell or hold into the number?”

FTC is going to want to split $AAPL into…

Three companies. Hardware, software and services. Also, they’ll punish commission across Services and may even delve into price fixing and dumping. Short-term it’s a major headwind wind but years down the line, it unlocks tremendous value if the company is able to figure out how to maneuver around the Wall and obviously enter new verticals,Continue reading “FTC is going to want to split $AAPL into…”

Papi Chulo told you FTC was coming after $AAPL a long time ago…

FTC coupled with likely Epic victory means $AAPL goes lower. How much lower? Technically, if it breaks $120, it’s probably headed towards close to $100. As I’ve always told the PEDphiles, (lovers of all things PED 3.0), if you’re all-in  and you don’t have puts, you’re a putz.

Skilled Cat Enterprises raises $NVDA target to a K. Ok?

On April 7 with $NVDA trading at $565, we initiated the name with a target of $666. Nine days later on 4/16/21 with the stock trading at $636, we raised our target to $750. Having hit our target Friday, we’re raising our target again. This time to a street high of $1,000. See you there.Continue reading “Skilled Cat Enterprises raises $NVDA target to a K. Ok?”

Bitcoin (BTC) price drops on China crypto mining crackdown

Bitcoin (BTC) price drops on China crypto mining crackdown — Read on 90% of China’s processing power is said to be shut down and $NVDA is unchanged? $NVDA just received the right to price their cards at whatever the fuck they want. and they’ll get it. and the stock is unchanged? 😂😂😂 Kinda remindsContinue reading “Bitcoin (BTC) price drops on China crypto mining crackdown”