89%. Not a bad week…

Intern: Let me know how long it’ll take to becoming a millionaire at 89% a week. thx

To those that falsely think $AAPL is the King Midas of tech.

AAPL is considered an also ran in horse racing terminology. That means they were in the race but didn’t Win, Place or Show. Let’s not forget about the coming strong growth from HBO Max, Paramount ($VIAC), Discovery, Brit Box etc, et al. AAPL had the opportunity to buy $NFLX hundreds of billions of dollars ago.Continue reading “To those that falsely think $AAPL is the King Midas of tech.”

Skilled Cat Enterprises initiates JAKK’s Pacific with Strong Buy – Target inside.

Skilled Cat Enterprises is initiating JAKK’s Pacific (JAKK) with a Stong Buy recommendation and a one year price target of $20. After discussion with management, we forecast continued strength in the name and industry. We’re also impressed with management’s growth initiatives.