#12 is coming back…

Once a RAIDER, Always a RAIDER.

RAIDERS don’t quit.

The RAIDERS President was moved aside yesterday.

This means one thing and one thing only. We’ve got a mutiny in the RAIDERS org. I’m speculating that Pres to battle against Chucky and Mayock over Aaron Rodgers.

And lost.

Mark Davis being the gentleman this he is was Owner, Judge and Jury. He heard the arguments and made a decision.

I think the RAIDERS are in the act of packaging up DC and others / picks for Aaron Rodgers.

A-Rod just turned down the largest contract in the history of the NFL.

There’s a reason for that.

Welcome to Vegas 12…

PS – I think Chucky and Mayock wanted TB 12 last year and were shot down. They’re not going to let another 12 get away.

PPS – One can rationally argue that AR 12 is the missing piece the RAIDERS need to get to the AFC Championship. If that’s the case, he’s priceless…

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