Notre Dame Signed with Under Armour & Adidas Became Cool Again

In 2014, the University of Notre Dame walked away from its relationship with Adidas. Since then, the 3 Stripes have launched a revolution in the US sports apparel business. — Read on

Source PED: Apple Investors: Mark Your Calendars |

I’ll be monitoring the quarterly call with analysts, and you can too. — Read on Headline should read: $AAPL Investors: Check Your Wallets. (and buy #puts, Putz) I’m glad @ped30 is invested in the company. He’ll probably lose lunch money with his one share of ownership. PS – PED. Get an editor. After 30Continue reading “Source PED: Apple Investors: Mark Your Calendars |”

Benedict Evans: Apple is the $2T elephant in the room | Philip Elmer‑DeWitt

From Evans’ “A decade of the Tim Cook machine” posted Tuesday to subscribers of Benedict’s Newsletter. — Read on PC Take: The only question is have is, what room? Right now it’s looking like the Bath Room, aka #shitter. 🚽 Buy puts, #PUTZ

This is only half the story. Mark Gurman: Apple’s iPhone engineers are working on a ‘complete redesign’ | Philip Elmer‑DeWitt

From Gurman’s “It’s time to talk about the iPhone 14” mailed Sunday to his Bloomberg ($) Power On subscribers. — Read on I’ll announce the real meat tomorrow. Or maybe tonight.

Tough smartphone love from a small Baltic country | Philip Elmer‑DeWitt

Consumers should throw away their Chinese phones and avoid buying new ones, Lithuania’s Defense Ministry has warned. — Read on PC Take: Lithuania? Small Baltic country? @ped30. Pass the doobie on the left hand side. Lithuania is neither small. Or Baltic frankly. As a “journalist,” one would assume you’d fact check. Lithuania is aContinue reading “Tough smartphone love from a small Baltic country | Philip Elmer‑DeWitt”

The ‘Squad’ Forces Pelosi to Remove Funds for Israel’s Iron Dome Defense System From Must-Pass Continuing Resolution and Debt Ceiling Bill – RedState

Nothing unites progressives like the thought of dead Jews. — Read on PC Take: The “Squad” will help bring about the End of World. Their Green Initiative actually wants zero humans left on Earth which will finally lead to their goal of Zero Carbon Footprint. Bravo.

From the Desk of Liberty Veritas…

Over the next 7-10 days the liars in the DNC, MSM, BIG TECH, HOLLYWOOD & ACADEMIA will work overtime to blame the GOP regarding the debt ceiling being raised in order to deflect blame & responsibility. So let’s set the record straight here. Democrats have complete control over the Senate, the House & the WhiteContinue reading “From the Desk of Liberty Veritas…”

Leaked memo from Tim Cook targeting Apple leakers (full text) | Philip Elmer‑DeWitt

From “Tim Cook says employees who leak memos do not belong at Apple, according to leaked memo” posted Wednesday by The Verge. — Read on Papi Chulo take: @ped30 has been in the game 30+ years and he still doesn’t understand what a controlled leak is?

Introducing a New Guest Writer…

Mr. Liberty Veritas: I refuse to watch any of the award shows where liberal elites gather to congratulate each other for living in a make believe world behind closed gates protected by armed security guards. However, I get updates from news outlets that call out these hypocrites. I’m not going to discuss the hypocrisy overContinue reading “Introducing a New Guest Writer…”

Wanna hear something funny? The Facebook Files, a Podcast Series – WSJ $FB

The Facebook Files, an investigative podcast series, dives into an extensive array of internal Facebook documents that provide an unparalleled look inside the social media giant. — Read on

Who saw this coming?The Facebook Files – WSJ

300 #incoming…. Facebook knows, in acute detail, that its platforms are riddled with flaws but hasn’t fixed them. That’s a key finding of a Journal series that launched this week, based on an array of internal company documents. Read all the stories here. — Read on

It pays living in Tinsel Town and The Week in Preview…

Little Birdie told me that $NFLX is going to #crush #tonight. $AAPL will do well with #TedLasso and #themorningshow and #broadcast, #hbo and $AMZN will get some #hereandthere but #netflix #rulestheroost. $NFLX goes to a 6 handle next week all things being equal, (no major exogenous shocks.) $FB will get torched. #app related businesses willContinue reading “It pays living in Tinsel Town and The Week in Preview…”

It’s happening. Sofi Stadium and Inglewood is back. We’re in the midst of a interstate trade war for Entertainment Capital of them World. LA wants the belt back from the current Champ. Speaking of Champs, 10/9 can’t come soon enough. #LFG

Me Explaining TFL – The Football League…

This is the response I get from anyone over 36 when I explain TFL – The Football League to them: Similar to this video about #NFTs, I think we’re gonna have to shoot one: We’ll get to work on the video. But cutting to the chase, TFL – The Football League is NFL “For theContinue reading “Me Explaining TFL – The Football League…”

TFL – Wanna see NFL 2.0? Tune in at 1:15pm PST. Kick off at 1:21pm…

I’m live on Twitch at 1:15pm PST – Watch me at TFL – The Football League Watch the San Francisco 49ers -3.5 visit the Philadelphia Eagles o/u 49.5 We’re already working on getting data for Week 2. Get info for your fantasy and daily teams. Bet the game at Only on Twitch…

Amazon likely front-runner for multiyear NFL Sunday Ticket deal: Sources

Amazon likely front-runner for multiyear @NFL Sunday Ticket deal: Sources — Read on They’re also the front-runner to own the next Football League called TFL – The Football League, a #madden22 #esports #sportsdata #crypto #currency #apparel #hospitality #play. @SteveWynn owns the @raiders and some other celebrities are said to be jockeying for Franchises.

Hey @LanaDelRey. Me again. Victor. Let’s trade…

Wanna trade your past (social media) for a ticket to the future, my Football League: Pick a Franchise and if it’s available, it’s yours in exchange for your social media presence, lock, stock, and barrel. Your fan’s boyfriends are going to be watching games in my league so win/win/win. Have your people slide intoContinue reading “Hey @LanaDelRey. Me again. Victor. Let’s trade…”

Breaking News: TFL – Steve Wynn back in the Game with purchase of Las Vegas Raiders.

Steve Wynn is getting back into the game. He recently announced the purchase of the Las Vegas Raiders in TFL, a new esports endeavour started by LVCK, LLC. Will Mr. Wynn get the last laugh in an end around? Time will tell as it always does. This story is developing…


We’re knaves. ♠️ We’re complicated pirates with simple rules. 3 to be exact. 1.COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE 2. Just Win Baby 3.We don’t mess around with gangster business. The Raiders started in Oakland where bonds were formed. They then played in Los Angeles where more bonds were formed and bonds were broken. Then the same thingContinue reading “NEW LAS VEGAS RAIDERS FAN GUIDE.”

Apple taking #OG #HomePod #offmarket means one of two things.

1. Tim Apple has no qualms scratching a check to #SONO or Bose for 10 bill. And/Or 2. Apple is not infallible. They completing missed this Trojan Horse. Reminiscent of Sidekick/Android where Steve Jobs mistakenly let and PAID a RAT to sit in on his Board Meetings and see where he was going. As IContinue reading “Apple taking #OG #HomePod #offmarket means one of two things.”

It’s funny, I’m seeing #CNBC morning preview and….

They’re basically talking about stuff today that MICA Bear broke real-time yesterday. Subscribe to the blog to get tomorrow’s headlines today. We discussed $COIN vs #SEC days ago and we mentioned the $F talent grab of the $AAPL auto exec yesterday. Not to mention these names that we told you to add, YESTERDAY. They’re gonnaContinue reading “It’s funny, I’m seeing #CNBC morning preview and….”

Introducing TFL – The Football League.

MICA Bear is pleased to partner with The Football League – TFL, a new innovative approach to esports, handicapping and sports simulations. If you’re an NFL fanatic, fantasy, and/or DFS player, check them out at TFL’s mission is to use experienced Madden players to simulate weekly NFL games. You can watch the weekly gamesContinue reading “Introducing TFL – The Football League.”