Apple taking #OG #HomePod #offmarket means one of two things.

1. Tim Apple has no qualms scratching a check to #SONO or Bose for 10 bill. And/Or 2. Apple is not infallible. They completing missed this Trojan Horse. Reminiscent of Sidekick/Android where Steve Jobs mistakenly let and PAID a RAT to sit in on his Board Meetings and see where he was going. As IContinue reading “Apple taking #OG #HomePod #offmarket means one of two things.”

It’s funny, I’m seeing #CNBC morning preview and….

They’re basically talking about stuff today that MICA Bear broke real-time yesterday. Subscribe to the blog to get tomorrow’s headlines today. We discussed $COIN vs #SEC days ago and we mentioned the $F talent grab of the $AAPL auto exec yesterday. Not to mention these names that we told you to add, YESTERDAY. They’re gonnaContinue reading “It’s funny, I’m seeing #CNBC morning preview and….”

Introducing TFL – The Football League.

MICA Bear is pleased to partner with The Football League – TFL, a new innovative approach to esports, handicapping and sports simulations. If you’re an NFL fanatic, fantasy, and/or DFS player, check them out at TFL’s mission is to use experienced Madden players to simulate weekly NFL games. You can watch the weekly gamesContinue reading “Introducing TFL – The Football League.”