Hey @LanaDelRey. Me again. Victor. Let’s trade…

I’m Victor. Not Stan.

Wanna trade your past (social media) for a ticket to the future, my Football League:


Pick a Franchise and if it’s available, it’s yours in exchange for your social media presence, lock, stock, and barrel.

Your fan’s boyfriends are going to be watching games in my league so win/win/win.

Have your people slide into my DMs or call me at 272-777-2100. We’ve already got some interesting people involved and we’d love to bring you aboard.

TFL – The Football League aka, The Future League



PS – Malibu, Venice and/or Arcadia don’t have teams. But LA has two. Chargers and Rams and as of now, one is available.

PPS – Good move getting of the shithole that is social media. Good luck in your future endeavours and the album. The first three songs rock. We’re adding Arcadia to the TFL playlists at https://music.apple.com/us/playlist/tfl-the-football-leagues-official-playlist/pl.u-MDv0DTKWB2z and https://tidal.com/playlist/a5d415ff-5423-4df0-a918-52d670bcbcee


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