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Mr. Liberty Veritas:

I refuse to watch any of the award shows where liberal elites gather to congratulate each other for living in a make believe world behind closed gates protected by armed security guards.

However, I get updates from news outlets that call out these hypocrites.

I’m not going to discuss the hypocrisy over mask mandates & how there is a double standard but here are a couple of examples: SF Mayor London Breed partying without a mask & Hollywood elites going maskless while the help (peasants) must have a mask on.

My main point here is how disciplined, obedient & hypocritical Hollywood elites are.

My understanding is that not a single person at the Emmy’s last night dared to make any political speeches. Not one of them talked about the border crisis, releasing migrants into the country without testing or vaccinating them, the Afghanistan debacle, Americans abandoned in Afghanistan, the killing of 10 civilians by ROBINETTE, a military General accused of treason, the spike in Covid numbers, inflation, rise in unemployment, France recalling their ambassador, multiple countries bitch slapping this administration since ROBINETTE began his occupation of the White House, Clinton lawyer being indicted in the Russian Hoax, Hunters fraudulent art sales etc etc etc.

So either these liberal arrogant elite have decided not to watch the news for the past 9 months or true to form as dependable lap dogs they obey their overlords & STFU… I believe the latter is true.

Imagine the political speeches if these disasters had happened under a GOP administration, specifically a DJT administration.

Democrats are a protected class…PERIOD.

– LV

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