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Over the next 7-10 days the liars in the DNC, MSM, BIG TECH, HOLLYWOOD & ACADEMIA will work overtime to blame the GOP regarding the debt ceiling being raised in order to deflect blame & responsibility.

So let’s set the record straight here.

  • Democrats have complete control over the Senate, the House & the White House.
  • Democrats can raise the debt ceiling all by themselves WITHOUT a single GOP vote.
  • Democrats are in a civil war within their own party over the debt ceiling & the 3.5 trillion monstrosity bill.
  • Democrat moderates who are vulnerable in districts for the 2022 midterm elections are at odds with socialist progressive lunatics within the party.
  • Democrats only want GOP support so that they can share blame or claim bipartisanship when all this spending leads to much higher inflation that could potentially lead to a financial depression.
  • Democrats don’t want to go on this disastrous journey all by themselves & are begging the GOP for a lifeline.
  • Democrats coined the term “elections have consequences”, well…you democrats are in charge of everything, so have at it & stop trying to blame the GOP for your own lack of courage.
  • Democrats should blame other democrats if the debt ceiling isn’t raised & when these multi trillion dollar bills destroy us once and for all.

– LV

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