From the Desk of LV:

And they call the GOP fascists.

The democrats who control every branch of government are in favor of the following:

  • Banks to inform the IRS of every transaction made by customers / citizens over $600.00.
  • Parents who confront school board members and oppose the socialist, marxists, woke school curriculum to be investigated as “Domestic Terrorists” by the DOJ.
  • Big Tech / Social Media to censor and silence anyone who disagrees with their agenda.
  • Imprison military leaders who demand accountability from their superiors and political opponents who dare question their authoritarianism.

The democrats have perfected the art of projecting onto their opponents that which they themselves are guilty of and with the help of a corrupt and complicit BIG TECH, MSM, ACADEMIA and HOLLYWOOD they are succeeding in misinforming and brainwashing the low IQ voter.

So sit back, review the facts and ask yourself:

Who are the real fascists?

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