‘I have threesomes with God and I’m having the best sex of my life’ OnlyFans star Nita Marie tells This Morning

ONLYFANS star Nita Marie has told This Morning that she’s having “the best sex of her life” thanks to her “threesomes with God”.It comes after t — Read on http://www.the-sun.com/entertainment/tv/3833485/threesomes-god-sex-onlyfans-nita-marie-this-morning/ PC Take – Why stop at just God? Call Jesus, Moses and the Apostles.

Philly Fans Arrested for Having Sex at Eagles-Panthers Game

If you’re sick of watching people get arrested for fighting at sporting events, two Philadelphia Eagles fans were reprimanded for a more pleasurable act. — Read on http://www.mediaite.com/sports/watch-philly-fans-get-arrested-for-having-sex-in-bathroom-stall-during-eagles-panthers-game/ PC Take – The Eagles suck so bad, fans are fucking in the bathroom to entertain themselves.

Geomagnetic storm warning as solar flare expected to directly hit Earth today | Science & Tech News | Sky News

An alert was published by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration which warned the geomagnetic storm could cause power grid fluctuations with voltage alarms at higher latitudes, where the Earth is more exposed. — Read on news.sky.com/story/geomagnetic-storm-warning-as-solar-flare-expected-to-directly-hit-earth-today-12431243 PC – Um, did someone bury the lede?