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What If?

During the Virginia gubernatorial debate, democrat candidate Terry McAuliffe said “I don’t think parents should tell schools what they teach children.”

That dangerous position is held by many on the left and they systematically trying to remove parents from any involvement in their own kids education and healthcare.

But, What If…

What if middle and high schools, colleges and universities were run by right leaning teachers instead of indoctrinators masquerading as educators?

What if the faculty and school boards were comprised mostly with Republicans, capitalists and religious teachers (mostly Christian)?

What if the curriculum focused on capitalism, conservatism, family and religion (again mostly Christian)?

What if all of the above was happening and true in addition to many other things that are championed by the political right and despised by the political left? Would the likes of Terry McAuliffe and the indoctrinating zealots on the left still believe that “Parents should not have a say so or be involved in what their kids are being taught in school”?

Sadly we will never know the answer to the…What If.

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