We’re all #Narcissists…

to some degree. Everyone is throwing around the #label. I’ve personally #struggled with trying to define it because it’s such a #mindfuck. #Hallelujah! Apparently, last year, Dr, Burgemeester out of #Europe created the most concise definition, diagnosis and breakdown I’VE EVER #SEEN. Given the #sensation of #Euphoria on #HBO, #billieellish, #ye, #lanadelrey, #truthsocial, #maga, etContinue reading “We’re all #Narcissists…”

Open Letter to Cathie Wood and $ARKK from 21.

Dear Cathie: Your past performance is full of shit. It was comprised of two elements. 1. You ran $TSLA like a bitch. Nice trade. 2. You ran on the coattails of Hwang who leveraged himself to huge performance. That’s not performance. That’s called chasing tail. You got lucky. 🍀 #NotreDame #highschool and myself are askingContinue reading “Open Letter to Cathie Wood and $ARKK from 21.”

UPDATED: 7:04am 21pst Our first joke / meme / whatever. Look inside.

Here’s a picture of clown bullshitting about things he doesn’t really know much about but tons of #APEs think $RBLX IS GOD’s GIFT TO MANKIND (MANNKIND). PS – Does he have a pedo vibe? Asking for a friend. Couple friends actually. If you must know, NY friends. Yeah, family offices, PE firms, hedge funds, WMF,Continue reading “UPDATED: 7:04am 21pst Our first joke / meme / whatever. Look inside.”

Skilled Cat Enterprises initiates $VIAC. ‘23 Target Inside.

Kiss the Ring – The Godfather is Back Skilled Cat Enterprises initiates $VIAC / Paramount to one year target &42 (33% upside) and a Strong Buy. Our analyst Victor Castrol says, “In a town full of shit,, $ViAC / Paramount / Management are too legit to quit” Lastly, Skilled Cat Enterprises added the name toContinue reading “Skilled Cat Enterprises initiates $VIAC. ‘23 Target Inside.”

The Sun Just Set on the #METAVERSE “#EMPIRE” – 🎰🎰🎰

The #metaverse is dead. They would have seen it coming if they weren’t trying to augment #reality. What does #Ariana say? https://music.apple.com/us/album/thank-u-next/1450330588?i=1450330686 Anyway, if you saw the signs, you’d have saved a ton of money and STACKED THE FUCK UP MILLE TARTY STYLE. $FB $RBLX $META 🪦 PS – Fastest most expensive destruction of theContinue reading “The Sun Just Set on the #METAVERSE “#EMPIRE” – 🎰🎰🎰”