Mark Gurman: $AAPL is tapping the breaks aggressively | PED | TraderVic already told you about this 🤡

From Gurman’s “Apple’s Hot iPhone Quarter Masks a Behind-the-Scenes Slowdown” posted Sunday on the Bloomberg. — Read on Read TraderVic / 21’s 10 Trading Commandments. This guy is #1 I believe. PS – The only thing being tapped aggressively is Gurman’s year-end bonus. That’s if he’s ever there to collect it. 50/50.

Chinese Internet Giant Could Be Kicked Off US Stock Exchange After SEC Adds Firm to Delisting $BABA

Shares of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba (NYSE: BABA) tumbled 10 percent on July 29 after the U.S. Securities and … — Read on Wow…

The Army Is ‘Running a Tab’ of Equipment Sent to Ukraine – Defense One | 21 Take

The service chief said he will ask Congress to replace “every round we send, every weapon system.” — Read on 21 Take: A “tab”? I run a tab at a bar. Not for an expenditure of 8 billion plus. WTF?

Remember When the USA Had a “We Don’t Negotiate With Terrorists” Stance? | Liberty Veritas | Russia Apparently, the current Administration doesn’t see a terrorist threat from Russia, putting aside the 8 billion we’ve sent Ukraine. So which one is it Joe? Further, wars are great ways to create slush funds and said monies really level up when we’re dealing with the 1 & 2 Corrupt countries in the World andContinue reading “Remember When the USA Had a “We Don’t Negotiate With Terrorists” Stance? | Liberty Veritas | Russia”

Biden Is Arming Ukraine To ‘Play For a Tie,’ Some America-First GOPers Say – Defense One | Papi Chulo Take

The view reveals disagreement even among Trump-following Republicans about how to respond to Russia’s invasion. — Read on PC Take: The House always wins when games/wars PUSH/TIE. A tie here insures #POTUS makes the most. 💼

Not Being Able to Stand in This Position Increases Mortality Risk by 84%

Recent studies have discovered that middle-aged and elderly people who cannot stand on one leg for more than … — Read on PC Take: Wake me when the study on doggy style for a minute comes in. 🍿

FBI Wrongly Labeled ‘Derogatory Information’ on Hunter Biden as Disinformation: Whistleblowers

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) alleged on July 25 that there were “systemic and existential problems” within the Justice … — Read on

BREAKING NEWS: Apple Pay Suspended on Steve Wynn | MICABEAR | EXCLUSIVE |

It’s no secret that Elaine Wynn is the Queen of leaking information to fvck with her old flame. Upon numerous accounts of negotiation assfuckery, she was instrumental in rehashing of ancient history by leaking the Steve Wynn inappropriate employee relation settlements. Well, it seems she has struck again. I’m not quite sure what her intentContinue reading “BREAKING NEWS: Apple Pay Suspended on Steve Wynn | MICABEAR | EXCLUSIVE |”

Russia is ‘About to Run Out of Steam,’ MI6 Chief Says – Defense One

Ukraine is “still a winnable campaign,” and America’s divisions are undermining its global influence, said Britain’s spy chief in a rare and sweeping pu… — Read on TraderVic’s Take: Didn’t James Bond die?

#Susquehanna sees #iPhone sales slipping in 2023 and #overpays their #ANALyst| PED | Another #genius $AAPL | #TraderVicsTake | #TheBachelorette tonight on #ABC

From Karishma Vanjani’s “Apple’s iPhone Gains May Stall Next Year. Analyst Expects a Great 2024.” posted Monday on Barron’s. — Read on TV Take: Typical moronic Apple ANALyst move. This guy gets paid to provide research. On the eve of perhaps Apple’s most dramatic earnings rose ceremony (The Bachelorette tonight on ABC) ever, thisContinue reading “#Susquehanna sees #iPhone sales slipping in 2023 and #overpays their #ANALyst| PED | Another #genius $AAPL | #TraderVicsTake | #TheBachelorette tonight on #ABC”

CNO Seeks Not Just Interoperability But Interchangeability With Foreign Militaries – Defense One | #21sTake | #WW3 #WWIIi #valorant #COD #ABCD #callofduty #tomclancy

And that starts with “ships being honest with themselves,” Adm. Gilday told Defense One. — Read on 21’s Take: Entering alacrity for WW3

TraderVic’s Trade of the Day – 7/25/22

GM Fam: Here’s the trade of the day. I’m going to try and do this daily but I’m running a new start-up on Twitch called The Future Leagues. All I ask for in return for opening the playbook of Made In CA Bear is a follow of our League of Leagues. Press the link below,Continue reading “TraderVic’s Trade of the Day – 7/25/22”

This week’s Apple trading strategies (7/25-7/29/22) | Tradervic

A place for Apple traders and investors to share their best ideas — June quarter earnings week. TraderVic’s Take: Not financial advice. Buy $AAPL for long term. As far as this week, flip a coin. If it’s heads, take a neutral delta position. Tails? Iron Condor. Your welcome * Never take financial advice from anyoneContinue reading “This week’s Apple trading strategies (7/25-7/29/22) | Tradervic”

Inviting friends-of-the-blog to Apple’s Q3 2022 Earnings Wild Ass Guess the EPS

Got a detailed Apple model? Ready to compete with the pros? First prize is $210 cash. To enter, follow us here at http://www.Twitch.TV/TheFutureLeagues and DM us there to receive the Dropbox link to update your model. Closest to the EPS wins. In case of ties, pot will be split among winners. *This contest has noContinue reading “Inviting friends-of-the-blog to Apple’s Q3 2022 Earnings Wild Ass Guess the EPS”

#Tradervic #twentyone #10 #trading #commandments inspired by Mark Gurman: #Apple $AAPL faces a tough compare via PED | #21sTake #trader

From Gurman’s Power On column, mailed Sunday to Bloomberg Technology subscribers. — Read on Tradervic’s / 21’s Trading Commandments. 1. Never trust a sell-side ANALyst 2. Never trust an idiot 3. Never trust an idiot sell-side analyst 4. Most ANALysts are idiots. 5. Never trust Mark Gurman 6. Never trust any  ANALyst 7.Continue reading “#Tradervic #twentyone #10 #trading #commandments inspired by Mark Gurman: #Apple $AAPL faces a tough compare via PED | #21sTake #trader”

#WhiteHouse Provides #Update on #Biden #POTUS Condition After #COVID19 #Diagnosis with #21sTake… #monkeypox #who #covid20 #birdsdontexist

The White House’s COVID-19 czar said Sunday that President Joe Biden is improving three days after he tested … — Read on 21’s Take – Throw handicapping a 79 year old’s COVID status into your black box. PS – Wake me up when he gets monkey pox. Speaking of which, is it just orContinue reading “#WhiteHouse Provides #Update on #Biden #POTUS Condition After #COVID19 #Diagnosis with #21sTake… #monkeypox #who #covid20 #birdsdontexist”

How Apple Snapped Snap | PED | The $SNAP has just begun by $AAPL | Tradervic’s Take

From “Snap Earnings Spotlight Platforms’ Revenue Woes After Apple Privacy Switch” posted Friday on PYMTS. — Read on TV Take: What PED failed to mention is, $AAPL will be purchasing $SNAP shortly for AR opportunities. Soon as An offer in the mid 20s for what im hearing currently with the bankers. I’m hearing cashContinue reading “How Apple Snapped Snap | PED | The $SNAP has just begun by $AAPL | Tradervic’s Take”

What’s really fun re: $AMZN and $ONEM is, $AAPL…

Has their own Apple Health Care in beta, (company is creating the biz with employees and eating their own dog food), with scale that rivals $ONEM. Picture this world. Your iPhone becomes your Primary Care DEVICE coupled with  Watch. $AMZN bought $ONEM cause they got wind of this release. PS – Best part is,Continue reading “What’s really fun re: $AMZN and $ONEM is, $AAPL…”

Army Outlines Plan to Overcome ‘Most Challenging’ Recruiting Era Since 1973 – Defense One

The service has already shrunk below the reduced end-strength goal it set with its 2023 budget request. — Read on

CDC Stops Reporting COVID-19 Levels for Cruise Ships, Says Companies Can Handle Their Own Rules

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Monday ended its COVID-19 program for cruise ships that … — Read on PC Take: Yeah, that makes sense. 🤣🤣🤣

Russia Following 2014 ‘Annexation Playbook’ In Eastern Ukraine, White House Says – Defense One

The White House is expected to announce another weapons shipment to Ukraine this week. — Read on Or #PlannedSocietyHood

Why I #Retired from #Trading $AAPL…

I’ve been getting emails/texts/dm’s etc from some smart kids asking why I’m not providing my trades anymore. Easy. I taught you how to fish / trade. Now go trade. I’m out fishing. PS – If you’ve read this far, congrats! I didn’t really retire. In fact, I made 479bps today. If you still want trades,Continue reading “Why I #Retired from #Trading $AAPL…”

The Best Shooter No One Has Ever Heard Of, Or: Sports Analysts Suck…

Who’s the best shooter in the history of the NBA? Jordan? Wilkes? No Ice Man? Nope Chamberlain cause of the inside game? Nope Black Magic Lewis Lloyd Lewis Fucking Lloyd Cool interview : #GIGO

Right Here, Right Now $AAPL – #FULLPORT – #longdated #deltareplacement I no longer post trades cause my Uncle likes me money. But as a finale trade / swan song / am I wrong? I’ll tell you something that will blow your mind. At market close, I think $AAPL at $150 is the Best Buy. This year. This decade. I loaded the boat. 7/15/2002 $150