13.5 billion? With Vlodimir and Sleepy Joe taking 10 points off the top? #russiaukrainewar

apple.news/A3Op1GJjdQoimfUKZHxEhmg If we really wanted to end this war, we’d give fighter jets and bombers. But we don’t. This isn’t a war. This is a slush fund event. And Joe is gonna get generations off slushies, (while Hunter continues with hookers and blow).

FROM OUR, “WHAT A WHORE” Department: Woman, 19, gives birth to twins by TWO fathers after having sex with both of them on same day | The US Sun

A WOMAN of 19 woman has been left ‘surprised’ after she gave birth to twins by two different fathers.Medics in Portugal said this would be the twentie — Read on http://www.the-sun.com/health/6167840/woman-birth-twins-two-fathers-sex-both-same-day/

REPORTS: Apple’s #OneMoreThing will be a “NightPod” that’s #FAROUT

Hearing from some contacts inside the company that Apple indeed has a “One More Thing” up its sleeve at today’s Far Out event. Apparently, the invite was intended to evoke space, dreams, time and distance. To that end, the company is getting ready to introduce the world no one even knew Apple was working on.Continue reading “REPORTS: Apple’s #OneMoreThing will be a “NightPod” that’s #FAROUT”

REPORT: #Apple to announce deeper iOS embedded integration with #TikTok at #FarOut event tomorrow. | $AAPL

We got a tip that there’s some deeper embedded integration with Tik Tok in the new iOS. Not sure if there’s any integration to AR/VR but our source tells us that, interesting enough, Tik Tok has been the one and only app rescued from “Ask App not to Track”. Time will tell.

#MorganStanley: #Apple shares rise, on average, 11% after an #iPhone event | PED | This is #criminal | #sellside #horseshit | #notthistime | 21 is calling down 11% | $AAPL |

From a note to clients by analyst Erik Woodring that landed on my desktop Friday. — Read on http://www.ped30.com/2022/09/02/apple-morgan-stanley-iphone-event/

#Trump #Stole #Secret #Government #Documents. The Big Question Is #Why. – #MotherJones| How’s this for why | Because they #belongtohim. As #POTUS | He is the #author and #creator of these #documents | ####ProveMeWrong

To sell, to spite the Deep State, to weaponize, or to conceal? — Read on http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2022/08/trump-stole-classified-documents-mar-a-lago-the-big-question-is-why/

Newly elected national commander: ‘We all need to ‘#BetheOne’” | The American Legion | #SuicidePrevention | #ItsAboutTime | @va

New York Legionnaire Vincent ‘Jim’ Troiola will make suicide prevention initiative a priority in upcoming year.  — Read on http://www.legion.org/convention/256775/newly-elected-national-commander-‘we-all-need-‘be-one’” I love his initiative priority. It’s about time.