“Never get off a hot horse. Or stand in the way of a horse looking for action. Or a horse in beat” ~ Victor Castrol | #idemo #Hrvatska! | #Croatia | #WorldCup #betting #tips | 🇭🇷 🎰🇭🇷

Croatia was my World Cup pick and at +750, i’m not getting off this horse in heat.

Press here with house money (thanks Brasil).

3 – 5 units to win tomorrow and 3 – 5 units to win it all. We’ve got live tickets from 33/1 – 50/1 so this is just play.

I think Croatia wins tomorrow in regulation, 2-1.

If they do, I’ll be approaching the Final with a big decision.

But first, let’s get Messy with Messi.


expect a 3-3-4 formation early. pay attention to the Croatians when the ball enters the scoring zone. their defense flocks to the ball like flies on shit and with their G, it’s almost impenetrable. Only dangers are some fishy offside calls and penalties in the box. you can’t cap blindness, stupidity, or purchased refs.

I expect Croatia to get a first half goal and park the bus. Argentina will probably score late 1st or early 2nd and then the fun begins.

I expect CRO to come up with what might become one of the most incredible goals in the history of modern FIFA (bicycle kick to the corner?), for the win and Golden Ticket to face:


we should be so lucky.

Croatia 2 – Argentina 1

France 3 – Morocco 1


France 3 – Croatia 2

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idemo Hrvatska!

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