The Future Leagues announces first multi-league franchise and sponsor.

The Future Leagues on Twitch is pleased to announce the first of many multi-league franchisees, the LA Raiders. The Raiders are founded by Vladimir Mastirhin, a chiseled tech veteran and entrepreneur. Said Mastirhin, “I’m very excited by this esports opportunity and frankly, being able to own the RAIDERS across the entire sports video game ecosystem was an opportunity too good to pass up.”

Mastirhin’s first foray is with the LA Raiders competing in EA’s NHL ‘23 with a top 100 Hockey Ultimate Team (HUT). The team is led by an unknown player and plans to compete in the World Championship early next year.

In other news, the RAIDERS have announced their first partnership with Jeeter, Mastirhin said, “Jeeter was a “natural” partner for us with our Coachella Valley roots. We look forward to a blossoming partnership with them as the best top-shelf purveyor of cannabis in the space.”

This will be the second affiliation with a cannabis company for The Future Leagues as the league sponsor is Cannabis Strategic Ventures, (NUGS). Said League President Victor Castrol, “We see cannabis companies as very strategic partners with the platform we’re building. Our target demographic appreciates a life worth living and we both see the benefit of cannabis for better living. We’re excited to bring Jeeter into the League on a regional level and look forward to more franchise and sponsor agreements with beneficial sponsors that will help promote our offering alongside our apparel sponsor, PASS Apparel and coin partnership with The 21 Chip.”

The LA Raiders can be found on Twitch at

The LA Raiders on NHL wear Coachella Valley Firebirds sweaters and gear for the ‘23 season.
Jeeter is a proud sponsor of the LA Raiders
Jeeter and other fine cannabis products can be found at Ice Kream located in Studio City, CA.

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