US Woos Other Nations for Military-AI Ethics Pact – Defense One | #AIethics? That’s not a thing…

State Department and Pentagon officials hope to illuminate a contrast between the United States and China on AI. — Read on

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An Old Cowboy Apparently Didn’t Die… #VictorCastroll $AAPL $MOAT1 $MOAT2

Philip Elmer-Dewitt said he was a farmer. Then a cowboy. He called De-Witt a PEDphile (explaining later that PED meant, “LOVERS OF PED” Elon did the same thing. Couple years later. Chuck Yeager came before these douchebags Bill? – You hung with Jeff. Then got the most incredible weekend/s with Jeff so decided, i’ve doneContinue reading “An Old Cowboy Apparently Didn’t Die… #VictorCastroll $AAPL $MOAT1 $MOAT2”


If the news couldn’t be getting worse for Apple, Inc, here comes the real pain. Apparently the unknown war taking place recently has been a war in luxury watch retailers. A nascent quiet little business, margins have skyrocketed and billions have been made increased valuations. Enter PANERAI… Sylvester Stallone. Tough guy. Pamela Anderson. Arnold Schwarzenegger.Continue reading “REPORT: PANERAI ENTERING THE iWatch SPACE”

RIP Steve Jobs – 2/2/23 Second Obit

Steve Jobs has officially died. Again. The first human ever to officially die twice. When a couple jerk-offs jerked each other off trying to get to Space, after his initial passing, Jobs spent his second life concentrating on the same thing he did in his first life. Said Jobs in an earlier, “The addition ofContinue reading “RIP Steve Jobs – 2/2/23 Second Obit”