RIP Steve Jobs – 2/2/23 Second Obit

Steve Jobs has officially died.


The first human ever to officially die twice.

When a couple jerk-offs jerked each other off trying to get to Space, after his initial passing, Jobs spent his second life concentrating on the same thing he did in his first life.

Said Jobs in an earlier, “The addition of a second life doesn’t really affect how the person ultimately wanted to live life.”

Then he took another bong rip…

When Issacon was asked point blank, “how long is Steve Jobs posthumous runaway.”

I think he said 5 years tops.

Alas, yesterday, Apple’s result has shown us that the company is strategically bankrupt. From all angles.

In Apple’s case, a strangely rude Administration that Apple and Big Tech used to pussy ear.

Jobs delivered 10.

A first for Apple.

And Bug Tech.

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