smoking PORSCHE Taycan Turbo S

video coming View this post on Instagram #porsche #taycan #turbos #dodgecharger guess which #charger i’m driving to be able to keep up with the vaunted #taycanturbos winner gets a prize. share and comment your answer. winner announced tomorrow. oh. btw he later got taken down for #reckless #recklessdriving A post shared by 46 (@vctwentyone) onContinue reading “smoking PORSCHE Taycan Turbo S”

Rod Hall is my bestie

Not cool that he stole my research report. Read his report here and then compare it with my report here Really amazing when Goldman Sachs is plagiarizing me… But I’m cool with that. We’re both right. The million dollar question is, “does it hit 300 first” cause I’ve got a dinner bet withContinue reading “Rod Hall is my bestie”

Introducing James, the homeless comedian, aka ThC, aka homeless Godfather of LA, aka Wizard of Western…

Daily prayer of gratitude. Take it away James. James is the motherfucking epitome of California Love. NY may have grit. But we got gratitude. From legends who for a wrong left or a quick right found themselves on the street. And the number in CA is 50k. Think about James if / when you haveContinue reading “Introducing James, the homeless comedian, aka ThC, aka homeless Godfather of LA, aka Wizard of Western…”

Valcent’s Victor Castroll trims $AAPL to $199 from $240.

Victor Castroll will be the first one to tell you he’s one of the greatest non-discretionary private prop traders of the 21st century. Thanks in large part to “questionable” trades in $AAPL. Like his fellow cohort, Andy Zaky. Well, Castroll is getting it right recently. He told blog readers at that  would touchContinue reading “Valcent’s Victor Castroll trims $AAPL to $199 from $240.”


back in the 4Q of last year, we priced the possibility of a recession in the US higher than the Street. MUCH HIGHER. well, as Chick Hearn used to say, “better to be lucky than good.” given covid-19, a US recession is virtually guaranteed and at this point, once can only hope we don’t enterContinue reading “US RECESSION VIRTUALLY GUARANTEED”