BREAKING NEWS: $AAPL Sleuths Continue Crushing

Twelve years ago, two wild and crazy guys came up with a scheme to figure how many iPads Apple would sell at introduction. They decided to build a community data agg model and reverse engineered Apple’s ordering system. Their results were amazingly accurate and it caused Apple to randomize and make other changes. Well,Continue reading “BREAKING NEWS: $AAPL Sleuths Continue Crushing”

Got 2.8m on $AAPL Puts…

Listen to track in TIDAL – Ice Cube: It Was A Good Day

Huge $AAPL #Revenue #Guidance Clue Given.

As reported by PED 3.0 today, Apple, Inc. Is leaving many Genius positions left infilled. This portends many things and none of them good. POSSIBILITIES 1. No demand for Geniuses – NEGATIVE 2. No supply of Geniuses – NEGATIVE OUTCOME Steve Jobs famously created the Genius position to be the Brand Ambassador of  andContinue reading “Huge $AAPL #Revenue #Guidance Clue Given.”


Hearing sources starting to chirp that the deal might not be green. Apparently, the SEC is considering filing a motion to place a hold on the purchase given that Musk initiated the takeover with an unfiled required 13-F. The fat lady isn’t singing yet. But the pregnant one is: More details to follow.

Rare $AAPL outage makes news ahead of WH #cyberattack warning | Papi Chulo’s Take inside. #russianukrainewar

From “Apple Is Back Online After Several Services Including App Store, iTunes, Podcasts Suffer Outage” in Tuesday’s Wall Street Journal. — Read on PC Take: This was a warning shot and they decided to start at one of the most impenetrable companies. Expect a major attack to occur this week targeting a domestic oilContinue reading “Rare $AAPL outage makes news ahead of WH #cyberattack warning | Papi Chulo’s Take inside. #russianukrainewar”

Bargaining over West Coast ports labor pact puts retailers on edge – FreightWaves

The port chaos cocktail: Mix 12 months of container bottlenecks with contentious contract talks for dockworkers. — Read on PC Take: It’s coming. 7/1/22

Sources – #LasVegas #Raiders reach deal with pass-rusher #probowl Chandler Jones, #trade Yannick Ngakoue to Indianapolis Colts

The Raiders have reached agreement on a deal with pass-rusher Chandler Jones and are trading Yannick Ngakoue to the Colts, sources told ESPN. — Read on

And now, the dopest drop ever… #MALIBUHILLS

I’m blessed, humbled and honored to open 3League’s latest track, Malibu Hills. Check it out here: And check out The Future Leagues playlist here: We’re on Twitch daily at http://www.Twitch.TV/TheFutureLeagues. Give us a follow and check out our daily NBA and NHL schedule.

#SHOCKER – @POTUS Stands with Ukraine. Not behind it tho… PC Take: The US is handcuffed. We can’t do anything except false threats. And Putin knows this. PPC Take: Moldova should hire Anthony Fauci to fast track NATO status. The Fauc ain’t busy. And he’s good with fast tracking bullshit.

#HunterBiden is the #NavySeal of #Druggies. He was banned from #ChateauMarmont for ‘#drug use’

LOS ANGELES — Hunter Biden was banned from the legendary celebrity hangout Chateau Marmont because of “drug use,” and the then-soon-to-be first son had to send someone to retrieve his personal belongings still on the property, according to texts from his laptop. — Read on PC Take: Getting banned from Chateau Marmont, where manyContinue reading “#HunterBiden is the #NavySeal of #Druggies. He was banned from #ChateauMarmont for ‘#drug use’”

Headline should read: US LAWMAKERS DEBATING ##WW3. US officials, lawmakers debate no-fly zone over Ukraine | TheHill

— Read on Quit the farce. #PutinIsntPlaying Why don’t you stop purchasing Russian oil you hypocritical morons?

#HarveyWeinstein busted for smuggling #MilkDuds into #LAjail – New York Daily News

A search of the imprisoned Oscar-winning producer uncovered a stash of Milk Duds after a Los Angeles meeting with his attorney in a jail medical facility in downtown Los Angeles, according to a report Thursday by Variety. — Read on

We’re all #Narcissists…

to some degree. Everyone is throwing around the #label. I’ve personally #struggled with trying to define it because it’s such a #mindfuck. #Hallelujah! Apparently, last year, Dr, Burgemeester out of #Europe created the most concise definition, diagnosis and breakdown I’VE EVER #SEEN. Given the #sensation of #Euphoria on #HBO, #billieellish, #ye, #lanadelrey, #truthsocial, #maga, etContinue reading “We’re all #Narcissists…”

Open Letter to Cathie Wood and $ARKK from 21.

Dear Cathie: Your past performance is full of shit. It was comprised of two elements. 1. You ran $TSLA like a bitch. Nice trade. 2. You ran on the coattails of Hwang who leveraged himself to huge performance. That’s not performance. That’s called chasing tail. You got lucky. 🍀 #NotreDame #highschool and myself are askingContinue reading “Open Letter to Cathie Wood and $ARKK from 21.”

UPDATED: 7:04am 21pst Our first joke / meme / whatever. Look inside.

Here’s a picture of clown bullshitting about things he doesn’t really know much about but tons of #APEs think $RBLX IS GOD’s GIFT TO MANKIND (MANNKIND). PS – Does he have a pedo vibe? Asking for a friend. Couple friends actually. If you must know, NY friends. Yeah, family offices, PE firms, hedge funds, WMF,Continue reading “UPDATED: 7:04am 21pst Our first joke / meme / whatever. Look inside.”