Leaked memo from Tim Cook targeting Apple leakers (full text) | Philip Elmer‑DeWitt

From “Tim Cook says employees who leak memos do not belong at Apple, according to leaked memo” posted Wednesday by The Verge.
— Read on www.ped30.com/2021/09/22/apple-tim-cook-leakers/

Papi Chulo take: @ped30 has been in the game 30+ years and he still doesn’t understand what a controlled leak is?

Introducing a New Guest Writer…

Mr. Liberty Veritas:

I refuse to watch any of the award shows where liberal elites gather to congratulate each other for living in a make believe world behind closed gates protected by armed security guards.

However, I get updates from news outlets that call out these hypocrites.

I’m not going to discuss the hypocrisy over mask mandates & how there is a double standard but here are a couple of examples: SF Mayor London Breed partying without a mask & Hollywood elites going maskless while the help (peasants) must have a mask on.

My main point here is how disciplined, obedient & hypocritical Hollywood elites are.

My understanding is that not a single person at the Emmy’s last night dared to make any political speeches. Not one of them talked about the border crisis, releasing migrants into the country without testing or vaccinating them, the Afghanistan debacle, Americans abandoned in Afghanistan, the killing of 10 civilians by ROBINETTE, a military General accused of treason, the spike in Covid numbers, inflation, rise in unemployment, France recalling their ambassador, multiple countries bitch slapping this administration since ROBINETTE began his occupation of the White House, Clinton lawyer being indicted in the Russian Hoax, Hunters fraudulent art sales etc etc etc.

So either these liberal arrogant elite have decided not to watch the news for the past 9 months or true to form as dependable lap dogs they obey their overlords & STFU… I believe the latter is true.

Imagine the political speeches if these disasters had happened under a GOP administration, specifically a DJT administration.

Democrats are a protected class…PERIOD.

– LV

Wanna hear something funny? The Facebook Files, a Podcast Series – WSJ $FB

The Facebook Files, an investigative podcast series, dives into an extensive array of internal Facebook documents that provide an unparalleled look inside the social media giant.
— Read on www.wsj.com/articles/the-facebook-files-a-podcast-series-11631744702

Who saw this coming?The Facebook Files – WSJ

300 #incoming….

Facebook knows, in acute detail, that its platforms are riddled with flaws but hasn’t fixed them. That’s a key finding of a Journal series that launched this week, based on an array of internal company documents. Read all the stories here.
— Read on www.wsj.com/articles/the-facebook-files-11631713039

It pays living in Tinsel Town and The Week in Preview…

Little Birdie told me that $NFLX is going to #crush #tonight. $AAPL will do well with #TedLasso and #themorningshow and #broadcast, #hbo and $AMZN will get some #hereandthere but #netflix #rulestheroost.

$NFLX goes to a 6 handle next week all things being equal, (no major exogenous shocks.)

$FB will get torched.

#app related businesses will continue to dominate off #apple loss to #epic. Big winner if that decision will continue to be $DDOG easily on the way to $200 by 4th Q. Ancillary play is #applovin.

We see continued strength in #cybersecurity.

Value in $SQ.

But we see #sportsbetting and #sportsdata plays ramping into 1Q ‘22. $DKNG $MGM $GENI $SRAD and some new etf plays $NERD and $ESPO.

Continued strength in #metaverse plays $RBLX and $RIOT.

We love $SAVA, $CRVS and $SURF

We expect confined weakness in #bigtech as the market shifts from a #stockmarket to a #market of #stocks. Speaking of shift, our eyes on $FOUR. Going to #ramp back to #ATH.

I’ve become very busy as #Commissioner of http://www.Twitch.TV/TheFootballLeague so unfortunately my #ramblings will be less frequent. I hear the #sighofrelief from some of you.

Protect #legacy #bigtech and some $QQQ names with long dated ATM #PUTS #PUTZ.

Feel free to comment below if you have any #questions.


It’s happening. Sofi Stadium and Inglewood is back.


We’re in the midst of a interstate trade war for Entertainment Capital of them World.

LA wants the belt back from the current Champ.

Speaking of Champs, 10/9 can’t come soon enough. #LFG

Me Explaining TFL – The Football League…

This is the response I get from anyone over 36 when I explain TFL – The Football League to them:

Similar to this video about #NFTs, I think we’re gonna have to shoot one:

We’ll get to work on the video.

But cutting to the chase, TFL – The Football League is NFL “For the Kids”. Think NFL 2.0. It’s #esports #sports #data #sportsdata #fantasy #dailyfantasy #dfs #crypto #merch #apparel #affiliate #gambling #etc

Got it?

Seeing is believing but tasting is proof:





TFL – Wanna see NFL 2.0? Tune in at 1:15pm PST. Kick off at 1:21pm…

I’m live on Twitch at 1:15pm PST – Watch me at https://twitch.tv/thefootballleague

TFL – The Football League

Watch the San Francisco 49ers -3.5 visit the Philadelphia Eagles o/u 49.5

We’re already working on getting data for Week 2. Get info for your fantasy and daily teams.

Bet the game at www.BetMGM.com

Only on Twitch…

Amazon likely front-runner for multiyear NFL Sunday Ticket deal: Sources

Amazon likely front-runner for multiyear @NFL Sunday Ticket deal: Sources
— Read on www.google.com/amp/s/www.cnbc.com/amp/2021/09/10/amazon-likely-front-runner-for-multi-year-nfl-sunday-ticket-deal-sources.html

They’re also the front-runner to own the next Football League called TFL – The Football League, a #madden22 #esports #sportsdata #crypto #currency #apparel #hospitality #play. @SteveWynn owns the @raiders and some other celebrities are said to be jockeying for Franchises.

Hey @LanaDelRey. Me again. Victor. Let’s trade…

I’m Victor. Not Stan.

Wanna trade your past (social media) for a ticket to the future, my Football League:


Pick a Franchise and if it’s available, it’s yours in exchange for your social media presence, lock, stock, and barrel.

Your fan’s boyfriends are going to be watching games in my league so win/win/win.

Have your people slide into my DMs or call me at 272-777-2100. We’ve already got some interesting people involved and we’d love to bring you aboard.

TFL – The Football League aka, The Future League



PS – Malibu, Venice and/or Arcadia don’t have teams. But LA has two. Chargers and Rams and as of now, one is available.

PPS – Good move getting of the shithole that is social media. Good luck in your future endeavours and the album. The first three songs rock. We’re adding Arcadia to the TFL playlists at https://music.apple.com/us/playlist/tfl-the-football-leagues-official-playlist/pl.u-MDv0DTKWB2z and https://tidal.com/playlist/a5d415ff-5423-4df0-a918-52d670bcbcee


Breaking News: TFL – Steve Wynn back in the Game with purchase of Las Vegas Raiders.

Steve Wynn is getting back into the game. He recently announced the purchase of the Las Vegas Raiders in TFL, a new esports endeavour started by LVCK, LLC.

Will Mr. Wynn get the last laugh in an end around?

Time will tell as it always does.

This story is developing…


We’re knaves.


We’re complicated pirates with simple rules.

3 to be exact.


2. Just Win Baby

3.We don’t mess around with gangster business. The Raiders started in Oakland where bonds were formed. They then played in Los Angeles where more bonds were formed and bonds were broken. Then the same thing happened up North. And even stronger. It’s this journey that has created #RN4L. Don’t joke about gangs with Raider fans. The rest of the league’s fans think they’re #gangsters #hustlers #pimps #boss #prince and #kings. And that’s not to say there aren’t a few sprinkled among them. But NOT ONE NFL TEAM HAS THE FANS THAT WE LEGIT HAVE. ALL THOSE THINGS LISTED ABOVE. AND WE ROLL P WHEN SILVER AND BLACK PLAY. GAME DAY. SEE YOU MONDAY!!! RN4L

Apple taking #OG #HomePod #offmarket means one of two things.

1. Tim Apple has no qualms scratching a check to #SONO or Bose for 10 bill.


2. Apple is not infallible. They completing missed this Trojan Horse. Reminiscent of Sidekick/Android where Steve Jobs mistakenly let and PAID a RAT to sit in on his Board Meetings and see where he was going. As I said,  is not infallible.

Papi Chulo’s Take: Buy long dated $SONO ATM options or equity AND protect legacy generational wealth $AAPL with long dated OTM Puts PUTZ.

It’s funny, I’m seeing #CNBC morning preview and….

They’re basically talking about stuff today that MICA Bear broke real-time yesterday.

Subscribe to the blog to get tomorrow’s headlines today.

We discussed $COIN vs #SEC days ago and we mentioned the $F talent grab of the $AAPL auto exec yesterday.

Not to mention these names that we told you to add, YESTERDAY. They’re gonna fly today.

Seeing a trend?

One of the reasons they call me Papi Chulo is because like most every other man, I have two balls. But mine are special.

🔮 🔮

Let’s grip it and rip to today.

Good luck.

Introducing TFL – The Football League.

MICA Bear is pleased to partner with The Football League – TFL, a new innovative approach to esports, handicapping and sports simulations. If you’re an NFL fanatic, fantasy, and/or DFS player, check them out at https://www.facebook.com/groups/531092448157763/

TFL’s mission is to use experienced Madden players to simulate weekly NFL games. You can watch the weekly games to see possible game previews or gain some edge in your decision-making for fantasy/DFS purposes.

Congrats TFL! We’re glad to be your print partner and look forward to see the action daily at http://www.twitch.tv/thefootballleague

The Football League – TFL

If only it was just the tip…

The RAIDERS cornerback didn’t just not tip (sacrilege in a city built on what’s called the SERVICE industry)

He threw his cards at the dealer (female) and called her a racial epithet.

Keep in mind; dude was up 25 dimes.

Anyway, he’s gonna need it.

He’s not on the roster for Monday night opener.

Make book on it missy.

“Las Vegas, we have a problem”…. (And it’s a “RAIDER”)

Apparently the team staff haven’t explained to the “Playas” and “Ballers” the city they live in.

One guy had a good night and did this.

Just what the Chucky and the team need this week.

Even money player is cut by 9/8/21 5pm PST…

Story developing…

The NFL, the NFC, China and the AFC…

They used to call the NFL The No Fun League.

The NFL figured out how to make it fun. Real fun.

I hereby declare we call China the NFC. As part of XJP Socialist Agenda speech given for the dawn of the next 100 years (where he officially transferred China from a Communist Country to Socialism, yeah, under reported), he forgot to mention that the next 100 years aren’t gonna look fun.

First he called video games “opium” and limited them to three hours a week for children. Now he’s taking down J-Pop fan clubs and holding up movies.

Yeah, China is now the NFC – No Fun Country.

The question you should now be asking yourself is, how do we profit off this.

Win/Place/Show – The Three Best Stocks/ETFs this week. 9/7/21 Edition

Futures at 1:30pst pointing to a flat open.

Let’s see which way she wants to go.

Since we had an uneventful weekend, strength will gain into the open based on Covid containment, Afghanistan done, let’s go spend 5 trillion.

Good week coming for market.

Win of the Week: $NVDA

Place of the week: $AAPL

Show of the week: $SQQQ