‘We Should Have Been There’: Marine General Laments the State of the Amphib Navy – Defense One | The #USMC is never a month late | WTF

A failure to deploy in February illustrates the low readiness of the nation’s amphibious warships, a Marine three-star tells Defense One.
— Read on www.defenseone.com/policy/2022/04/we-should-have-been-there-marine-general-laments-state-amphib-navy/366314/

The Future Leagues announces first multi-league franchise and sponsor.

The Future Leagues on Twitch is pleased to announce the first of many multi-league franchisees, the LA Raiders. The Raiders are founded by Vladimir Mastirhin, a chiseled tech veteran and entrepreneur. Said Mastirhin, “I’m very excited by this esports opportunity and frankly, being able to own the RAIDERS across the entire sports video game ecosystem was an opportunity too good to pass up.”

Mastirhin’s first foray is with the LA Raiders competing in EA’s NHL ‘23 with a top 100 Hockey Ultimate Team (HUT). The team is led by an unknown player and plans to compete in the World Championship early next year.

In other news, the RAIDERS have announced their first partnership with Jeeter, Mastirhin said, “Jeeter was a “natural” partner for us with our Coachella Valley roots. We look forward to a blossoming partnership with them as the best top-shelf purveyor of cannabis in the space.”

This will be the second affiliation with a cannabis company for The Future Leagues as the league sponsor is Cannabis Strategic Ventures, (NUGS). Said League President Victor Castrol, “We see cannabis companies as very strategic partners with the platform we’re building. Our target demographic appreciates a life worth living and we both see the benefit of cannabis for better living. We’re excited to bring Jeeter into the League on a regional level and look forward to more franchise and sponsor agreements with beneficial sponsors that will help promote our offering alongside our apparel sponsor, PASS Apparel and coin partnership with The 21 Chip.”

The LA Raiders can be found on Twitch at http://www.twitch.tv/TheFutureLeagues

The LA Raiders on NHL wear Coachella Valley Firebirds sweaters and gear for the ‘23 season.
Jeeter is a proud sponsor of the LA Raiders
Jeeter and other fine cannabis products can be found at Ice Kream located in Studio City, CA.

Another Huge Fumble by $AAPL | Sunday Ticket: How Apple dropped the ball | PED

From “Why an Apple-NFL Sunday Ticket marriage didn’t come together” posted Wednesday in The Athletic.
— Read on www.ped30.com/2022/12/24/apple-dropped-sunday-football/

This one is going to leave a mark. Sunday Ticket was imperative for Apple to compete in TV and promulgate an A/VR device. Losing this stings further with the tailwind this gives to YouTube TV. The continuing Great Recession 2.0 will have consumers subscribe to, at most, 2 subscription services in the aggregate. Apple TV just got removed from that list which will most likely consist of Netflix and now, YouTube TV.

47 years later, Spielberg says he regrets impact ‘Jaws’ had on sharks | Today, I regret the impact Steven Spielberg has had on ‘Jews’ #antisemitism

47 years later, Spielberg says he regrets impact ‘Jaws’ had on sharks
— Read on www.msn.com/en-us/news/technology/47-years-later-spielberg-says-he-regrets-impact-jaws-had-on-sharks/ar-AA15rtim

“Never get off a hot horse. Or stand in the way of a horse looking for action. Or a horse in beat” ~ Victor Castrol | #idemo #Hrvatska! | #Croatia | #WorldCup #betting #tips | 🇭🇷 🎰🇭🇷

Croatia was my World Cup pick and at +750, i’m not getting off this horse in heat.

Press here with house money (thanks Brasil).

3 – 5 units to win tomorrow and 3 – 5 units to win it all. We’ve got live tickets from 33/1 – 50/1 so this is just play.

I think Croatia wins tomorrow in regulation, 2-1.

If they do, I’ll be approaching the Final with a big decision.

But first, let’s get Messy with Messi.


expect a 3-3-4 formation early. pay attention to the Croatians when the ball enters the scoring zone. their defense flocks to the ball like flies on shit and with their G, it’s almost impenetrable. Only dangers are some fishy offside calls and penalties in the box. you can’t cap blindness, stupidity, or purchased refs.

I expect Croatia to get a first half goal and park the bus. Argentina will probably score late 1st or early 2nd and then the fun begins.

I expect CRO to come up with what might become one of the most incredible goals in the history of modern FIFA (bicycle kick to the corner?), for the win and Golden Ticket to face:


we should be so lucky.

Croatia 2 – Argentina 1

France 3 – Morocco 1


France 3 – Croatia 2

Lastly, use our link to load up on your Croatia gear and enjoy up to 65% off some select items using code TINSEL


idemo Hrvatska!

Apple: Oppenheimer and Barclays have cold feet | Philip Elmer‑DeWitt | PC Take

From Emily Bary’s “Apple faces risk of ‘perishable demand’ for iPhones, analysts say” posted Monday by MarketWatch.
— Read on www.ped30.com/2022/12/12/apple-barclays-oppenheimer-cold-feet/

PC’s Take: nothing better than analysts using new terms to cover up easily recognizable predictable errors. I’ve been speaking about perishable demand for 6 months. oh well.

Biden establishes government task force to combat antisemitism | The Hill | Let me guess, they’re gonna arrest #ye | 🤦‍♂️

President Biden will establish a task force to coordinate government efforts to address antisemitism and other forms of religious bigotry, the White House said Monday, in the wake of a rise in antisemitic rhetoric from high-profile public figures. Biden is creating an interagency group led by the staff at the Domestic Policy Council and the…
— Read on thehill.com/homenews/administration/3772525-biden-establishes-government-task-force-to-combat-antisemitism/

Ms. MICA Bear 2022 will be announced 12/22, just in time for #XXXmas goldenhour $AAPL #AnaLorde #JIT #inventory

We’re trying not to get too anal about who we’re going to pick but, Lorde, this is a ton of work.

so many bears, so little time.

speaking of loaded for bear, $AAPL is going to touch $120 between today and St Patrick’s Day.

we can’t tell you who the leader is but the stalking horse is a lovely woman named Ana who loves coming from behind.


🎰 | Air Force Unveils New B-21 Stealth Bomber After Seven Years in the Making – Defense One

Hundreds of VIPs and thousands of Northrop employees applauded as tail number 0001 was shown off with help from lasers and fog machines.
— Read on www.defenseone.com/technology/2022/12/air-force-unveils-new-b-21-stealth-bomber/380435/

Skilled Cat Enterprises licenses first intellectual property in 15 years – #Raiders | Remember #AlDavis?

Coming fresh off licensing Jackie Mason 15 years ago and slapping his Jewish ass on iTunes, Victor Castrol decided it was time to finally create his second act.

Said Castrol, “Life is what happens when you’re making plans.”

Word around town is Castrol has partnered up with a famous ‘80s Player / Producing / Prick from the 80s. They happened to meet playing pickle pall on Pico.

That narrows it down.

Speaking of the 80s, remember Al Davis?

San Diego Defense Contractor Sentenced for Providing Info to Chinese Government – Thank You for your Treason

SAN DIEGO—A San Diego civilian defense contractor who pleaded guilty to accepting money from Chinese government representatives in …
— Read on www.theepochtimes.com/san-diego-defense-contractor-sentenced-for-providing-info-to-chinese-government_4848624.html

From the desk of Liberty Veritas

In this election cycle, demoKKKrats have spent over $50 million to support and prop up what they call “extreme MAGA candidates” for Congress. Many of them won their primaries and are projected to win the general election against their demoKKKrat opponent.

DemoKKKrats are now sounding the alarm that the very same “MAGA candidates” they financially contributed to are a “danger to democracy”.

Their intentional interference in GOP primaries gloriously backfired & now they have no solutions.

This is karma visiting these demoKKKrat hypocrites and it’s awesome.


Barrett again denies emergency bid to block student loan forgiveness plan | The Hill | #Libtard moves

Justice Amy Coney Barrett on Friday denied an emergency effort to block the Biden administration’s student loan forgiveness program, her second such ruling in recent weeks. Barrett, who handles emergency matters arising from several Midwestern states, acted alone in denying the request, rather than referring it to the full court. The brief, one-line order comes…
— Read on thehill.com/regulation/court-battles/3720128-barrett-again-denies-emergency-bid-to-block-student-loan-forgiveness-plan/

There’s Something Fishy About #KarenBass | #RickCaruso for #LA #LAMayoralRace

This fish stinks…

A dude was riding a bike with a sign that said: “Brown and Black Should Unite Against Caruso’s Tactics”.

The other side of the sign said “Karen Bass Will Unite Us All”

If his opinion of being united is joining him in riding a bike at 7pm without:

1. Two pennies to rub together

2. A pot to piss in

I’ll think I’d rather stay divided and take my chance with a seasoned business person who has shown a propensity to make money.

The only thing Karen Bass has shown is a desire to steal it.

There’s something fishy about Karen Bass…


NYT: The Steve Jobs Archive is not an ‘archive.’ But… | PED | 21 $AAPL

From Tripp Mickle’s “Who Gets the Last Word on Steve Jobs? He Might.” in Saturday’s New York Times.
— Read on www.ped30.com/2022/10/22/apple-steve-jobs-archive/

Morons. Steve Jobs is still tweeting. http://www.twitter.com/deadstevejobs2. Whoever is writing this shit must be an insider.

From ‘Wildfire Cancers’ to Foot-Long Clots, Dr. Ryan Cole Explains the Dangers of the Spike Protein

I sit down again with pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole for an update on the alarming trends he and …
— Read on www.theepochtimes.com/from-wildfire-cancers-to-foot-long-clots-dr-ryan-cole-explains-the-dangers-of-the-spike-protein_4813813.html

It’s my #BIRTHDAY #NOFLEX, #NOCAP, I’m circling $NUGS with my crew. My crew is deep. #AF

Our LLC owns a minority stake.

Next week, my crew starts buying. And we’ll buy all the way up.

Don’t say you weren’t warned.

We also started a Twitch network featuring FSPN777, The Future Leagues, The Ball League, et al.
I ain’t no joke
If I’m lying, I’m dying. Or going to jail. Same…
Pursuant to PINK Sheet legalese, you’ve been warned. And that’s not a Cheeto finger. That’s from smoking. Smoking what you 🪓?


WARLORD REPORTS: Why Your Mask Came From China? | or | How World War 3 Begins | #COD | #ABCD | #MW3 | $ATVI | $MSFT | $TTWO | $AAPL | $THQI | $NUGS | #ReverseSPAC | #HitsDifferent | #RAIDERS #cover #Sunday #

Commentary The story of the shocking lockdowns, in the United States and around the world, of Spring of …
— Read on www.theepochtimes.com/why-your-mask-came-from-china_4797350.html

Like clockwork: ❤️$AAPL #FUD from #TheInformation #Wayne #YoYoMa |PEDphileTheNit| The Story of PED | Weed is Dry |


From Ma’s “Apple Cuts iPhone 14 Plus Production Less Than Two Weeks After Debut” ($) posted Tuesday shortly before noon.
— Read on http://www.ped30.com/2022/10/18/apple-fud-wayne-ma/

PC Take: No self-respecting “journalist” would use FUD in a headline unless three reasons.

1. He’s not self respecting

2. He’s not a journalist

3 “if it bleeds it leads” and PED is def bleeding.

4. You’re smoking dry weed cause of all of the above.

5 All of the Above.

6 poll tracking history shows it’s always good to have a number


I’m going to break the record for making money in a certain amount of time.

I’m going to break the record for making money in a certain amount of time.

I’m going to break the record for making money in a certain amount of time.

— Read on micabear.com/2022/10/18/im-going-to-break-the-record-for-making-money-in-a-certain-amount-of-time/

I’m going to break the record for making money in a certain amount of time.

Start date is this second.


Gimme till 10//25/22 12:09pst


How do you break a record that’s never been set.

The 21 Chip should go to the person that invented the sport.

Feel me?

Like, who’s the mothafucking ni$$a that said. Yo, get 300 niggas and have them run that way and let the first one that passes that tree fuck another animal tonight.

Anyway. I’m wasting time.

Watch this.

The U.S. Marine Corps Has a Choice: Transform or Die – Defense One – #rideordie #adaptorlie #usmc

If the Corps does not veer from its current course, it will lose the things that differentiate it from the Army and the special operations community.

— Read on www.defenseone.com/ideas/2022/10/us-marine-corps-transform-or-die/378464/

Hey @deagol, I Think I Found Something about $AAPL. Comment below. Deags. Let’s chat in front of EVERYONE…

In a recorded space. Or on a recorded space.

You and I are the only ones on Earth to knew what WE knew 10 years ago.

We both admire 3s…

And here comes 10/21/22.


The Honorable Michael Leif of Ventura County, CA Family Court declared in a Court of Law without a transcriber present (due to defunding,what’s said in a court of law is no longer really that important. Or at least, it might be. But we can’t afford it.) that I’m…


Thank you your Honor.

I think you’re incredible too.

Be Well!


13.5 billion? With Vlodimir and Sleepy Joe taking 10 points off the top? #russiaukrainewar


If we really wanted to end this war, we’d give fighter jets and bombers.

But we don’t.

This isn’t a war.

This is a slush fund event.

And Joe is gonna get generations off slushies, (while Hunter continues with hookers and blow).

FROM OUR, “WHAT A WHORE” Department: Woman, 19, gives birth to twins by TWO fathers after having sex with both of them on same day | The US Sun

A WOMAN of 19 woman has been left ‘surprised’ after she gave birth to twins by two different fathers.Medics in Portugal said this would be the twentie
— Read on www.the-sun.com/health/6167840/woman-birth-twins-two-fathers-sex-both-same-day/

REPORTS: Apple’s #OneMoreThing will be a “NightPod” that’s #FAROUT

Hearing from some contacts inside the company that Apple indeed has a “One More Thing” up its sleeve at today’s Far Out event.

Apparently, the invite was intended to evoke space, dreams, time and distance. To that end, the company is getting ready to introduce the world no one even knew Apple was working on. Internally called the “Night Pod”, without getting too detailed, Apple is creating a “pod” to sleep in.

We can’t go into further detail but you can easily put two and two together from here with all the possible  product and service tie-ins.

Good night!