The #DNC isn’t even hiding this is a #produced #event. Jan. 6 committee enlists ex-ABC News exec James Goldston for hearing

Goldston is busily producing Thursday’s 8 p.m. ET hearing as if it were a blockbuster investigative special.
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Black Swan Investor Is Watching for ‘Greatest Credit Bubble’ to Pop

(Bloomberg) — Mark Spitznagel is paid to be prepared for when the market’s weakest links are exposed in a big way.Most Read from BloombergOne-Third of Americans Making $250,000 Live Paycheck-to-Paycheck, Survey FindsTesla Pauses Hiring as Musk Aims for 10% Staff Cut, Reuters SaysElon Musk’s Ultimatum to Tesla Execs: Return to the Office or Get Out‘Most Clever Oligarch’ Severed His $37 Billion Fortune From Russian RootsStocks Resume Weekly Losses as Jobs Fuel Rate Bets: Markets WrapRight now, th
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PC Take: Crashes rarely happen when they’re expected.

#USArmy Delays #Doctrine #Release to #Incorporate %Lessons from #RussiaUkraineWar – Defense One

A service team is in Europe talking to Ukrainian troops and U.S. trainers, gathering information to refine its multi-domain operations playbook.
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PC Take: No need to delay the release. We haven’t learned shit.

#B21’s #First #Flight Slips to #2023, But That’s Still Ahead of #Schedule, #Northrop #CEO Says – Defense One #stealth #bomber

The classified bomber was initially expected to fly last December.
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21 bombs coming yo

Russia threatens to wipeout the entire US with just four Satan II missiles in chilling warning over Ukraine.

In other news, Joe Biden meets with BTS

A chilling moment on Russian state TV on Monday saw hosts issue the latest in a long line of threats, this time warning Putin could “destroy the entir
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I’m a #stripper #sw |we can read the #markets BETTER than #bankers – here’s why we’re heading for a #recession

A STRIPPER has claimed she can read markets better than bankers and set out why she thinks we’re heading for a recession.The adult entertainer said st
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#fintwit #weekend #reading #tldr #buyputs or #getfvcked #7122 #redletterday #bedwetterday #nobueno MY #TARGETS inside…

Former Advisor to the CIA, The Pentagon, The Department of Defense, and the White House says the market just let out a “Blood-Curdling Scream”
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Not an full endorsement of the above. Calling a potential 80% is an attempt to sell a newsletter or tip sheet. But there’s a lot of meat in this article of events that will probably occur to some extent.

PS – July 1, 2022 will be a Red Letter Day

PPS – Dow will break 30k. Spy heading to 360. Nasdaq eyeing 10,500.

#Solarflare hurtling towards #Earth | — Australia’s leading news site

Space experts think a solar flare could hit Earth on May 28.
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How #Leica #Camera Became a #Unicorn and Why #Ape Ditched #Canon

The unicorn. A legendary creature described since antiquity as an animal with a single large, pointed, spiralling horn projecting from its forehead. A mythical beast. And while comparing a camera to a mythical creature isn’t an easy analogy. Never has it been more appropriate when describing Leica Camera.
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We’ve #crucified #legends of #industry with #MeToo. Meanwhile, #America’s favorite #doctor is #a #cringe #perv flying under the radar. Until today. Video inside.

Nobody watches Twitch.


Oh $Snap plunges after #CEO #warns company will #miss on #earnings, # revenue | #GETFVCKED

Snap will miss its own targets for revenue and adjusted earnings in the current quarter, CEO Evan Speigel warned on Monday in a note to employees.
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Time’s running out at the $AAPL #homeless #motel?| What about thr #slaves in #China tho? | From PED

From “Apple spent millions, but it couldn’t pull these San Jose residents out of homelessness” posted Monday by the Mercury News.
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Homeless motel?

What about the indentured slaves at Foxconn with the suicide nets.

What’s Apple going to do about them?

#Pentagon #May #Give %Sweden, #Finland #More #Security #Aid – #Defense #One.

Russia has issued vague threats over the countries’ applications to join the alliance.
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PC Take: We’re 30 trillion in debt and we’re becoming the UN / World Savior. Again…

#Biden to #redeploy up to #500troops to #Somalia | The Hill | #dafuq | #alqueda

President Biden will redeploy up to 500 U.S. troops in East Africa to Somalia as the administration looks to reestablish a small presence in the country to counter al Qaeda affiliate al-Shabaab. The troops, who are being repositioned from neighboring countries, will help establish a “small, persistent U.S. military presence in Somalia,” a senior administration…
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Yo, a small persistent presence doesn’t work against #AlQueda

#babyformula #shortage #reason #inside. #metoo #replacementtheory

After paying out billions if not trillions in #metoo settlements, dumb men that run large companies had to come up with a new solution to get tits out while keeping the checkbook safe and sound.

One brilliant creepy perv came up with the baby formula shortage, just in time for Summer.

See, we cut off baby formula and then women, (read young women), are gonna have to start feeding in public.


#RussiaUkraineWar Readout of Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III’s Call With #Russian #Minister of #Defense #SergeyShoygu > #USA #DOD > #Released

Readout of Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III’s Call With Russian Minister of Defense Sergey Shoygu > U.S. Department of Defense > Release
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USS George Washington suicides raise alarm on Capitol Hill as defense secretary admits problem with sailor housing | The American Legion

DoD Secretary Lloyd Austin tells  subpanel of House Appropriations Committee Pentagon awaiting results of two investigations into ship and figuring out how to lodge sailors in the future afte 3 crew members die by suicide in less than one week in April. 
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#LosAngeles #Rams vs. #Denver #Broncos #Tickets Dec 25, 2022 #Inglewood, #CA |

Buy Los Angeles Rams vs. Denver Broncos tickets at the $SoFi Stadium in #Inglewood, CA for #Dec25, 2022 here on the blog.

Just subscribe and let us know what level you’re looking at.

We’re building a new ticketing site and we’ll use your requests to aggregate the best seats and lowest fees for you.


“Tickets, Not Taken”

#RUSSIA strikes #Odessa #RUSSIAUKRAINEWAR Оперативне командування “Південь”/Operational Command “South” – Posts

Оперативне командування “Південь”/Operational Command “South”, New City, NY, US. 22,760 likes · 77,303 talking about this · 32 were here. Офіційна…
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Go Figure. #Raiders #owner #MarkDavis is #allegedly a #creepy #perv

The recently fired Las Vegas Raiders team president went after Mark Davis.
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In other news, $ALGT is checking the morality clause of its licensing deal with the Raiders.

Contingency plans call for the name to be temporarily changed to Allegedly Stadium.

REPORT: $AAPL Whipping Out the Cook Check Book…

Hearing reports that Apple M&A getting very interested in some names for a rather sizable acquisition.

Still getting info on verticals but we’re hearing this will be Apple’s largest acquisition ever.

30 – 75 billion is the budget and Cook and Co are looking to use market weakness to advance moonshot business.

PC Take: Some targets that I think they might be looking at are $RIVN, $PTON and/or $PARA. Apple is about to go grocery shopping.


#Watch this #great #Game7 in the World #StanleyCup with the #LAKINGS visiting the #Porin #ASS #ASSAT on #NHL #NHL22 #onlyontwitch

Check out TFL – NHL WSCP Gm 7 – 5/21/22 – Game 7 (3-3) LA KINGS (traderv1c) @ PORIN ASSAT) (LIIGA) -110 m/l o/u 5.5 at The 21 Chip Arena sponsor 🎰