back in the 4Q of last year, we priced the possibility of a recession in the US higher than the Street. MUCH HIGHER. well, as Chick Hearn used to say, “better to be lucky than good.”

“Better ti be lucky than good”

given covid-19, a US recession is virtually guaranteed and at this point, once can only hope we don’t enter another Great RECESSION. We’re currently pricing that possibility at 58%. basically even money.

Here’s how Elon and $TSLA say game over…

You know what Elon is doing right now besides making memes, billions, 420, ambien, lamictal, vraylar and whatever else the fuck billionaires do?

He’s playing a game. Wanna know what the game is called?

Eeeny, meeny, miney. MO

Jeff the Nazi Bozo is playing too. As is Branson. And Cook. And Iger.

In fact, this is the BIGGEST FUCKING GAME OF EENY, MEENY, MINEY, MO ever played.

Now, guess who the referee is?

That’s right. A little outfit called the FTC. ‘Member them? Yeah. They’ve fucked more companies than Hitler killed Armenians.

Let’s see how this plays out…

FYI TO THE KIDS: Your not a GOAT trader. Your just riding a BS face-ripping blow-off top. That’s not trading.

Litorally, your a lucky blow-hard who’s about to get anally raped.

Don’t mistake luck for skill. It’ll cost you.


These are GOATS. And in the words of Harry Dean Stanton, “You are nothing”

PS – fuck you Philip Elmer-Nowitt. Your just an underpriced half-baked mouthpiece shill.


SEMENAL POST: 💦. If your a long-term $AAPL shareholder with your net worth in the stock and…

You don’t buy this option, YOUR A FUCKING IDIOT that doesn’t like money. Press this to see which option to buy TODAY!!!

Hookers and blow on you when you do. Purchase one of this for every 100 shares you own.

At a minimum, purchase one contract for every 200 shares you own.

Ask yourself, why am I telling you to do this? Am I making money off this? Besides hookers and blow?

PS – I’ve never done a line of blow in my life. So, in actuality, substitute steak for blow. Top shelf shit tho. Like Mastros or Ocean Club.

Your welcome.

This post could save you millions. Mark it.

PS – grammatical errors misspellings are intentional.

I saw this movie already…

San Fran won the Super Bowl yesterday. Jimmy G will lead them to the Promised Land and the narrative will shift to the decimation of the Patriots empire. TB 12 will head West to either the Chargers or Raiders and challenge his mentor on the left coast. The RAIDERS will open the season and their stadium the Monday night after Labor Day weekend and I guarantee you TOM BRADY will be there in uniform.

Congrats SF!

Everyone’s smoking crack.

Daniel Ives is high as fuck.

I’ll pay someone to smoke DI’s cock if  touches $400 this year.

Speaking of sucking cock, how bout a joke courtesy of THC. (PS – don’t try and find this guy. He’s already signed with us)

That motherfucker sure can drive…

Speaking of driving, PORSCHE.

PORSCHE Panamera Sport Turismo Launched…

Speaking of launching PORSCHEs, we’re having a PAWG party this Saturday 1/11/20 at 11am. We’re calling it Pulled Up in a PORSCHE sponsored by PASS Apparel at the GOAT House in Malibu.

PASS Apparel on the beach
Text 714-880-GOAT for list

No iPhone 5G in ‘20

Susquehanna’s only got it half right. They’re reporting a 5G pushback but saying 5G will still be deployed in iPhone in ‘20. That’s where the wrong. Our coverage of the 5G pipeline is broader than anyone’s on Wall Street. So, while the actual chipset is the main story,  still needs to deal with battery and heat issues related to 5G. And that’s why you won’t see 5G in ANY iPhone in ‘20.

As you were…

Headline should be NO iPhones in 20

I wouldn’t call PED a journalist.

Today. 1/2/20

He spent some time at Fortune where he used to journalise.

Today he runs a blog aggregating Apple news and then writing one line at the bottom.

Therefore, he’s a content aggregator.

Or a bot

But he’s human

So let’s call him a hot

But he’s a fanboy

So let’s call him a hot fanboy

But he’s kinda a homer

So let’s call him a hot fanboy homer

But he’s never owned a share of Apple

In that case, let’s call him a Stupid Hot Fanboy Homer

Yeah, that’s what he is. A SHFH. That’s what he is.

So if shill was on the far left. And journalist was on the far right, PED would be right in the middle.

Fair and balanced I’d say…

PS – but he’s certainly not a journalist. Today…

PPS – George Knott ‘24 46…

The Voice of Reason
Maybe he’s an Uber driver
I’m a lover of PED 3.0. Call me a PEDphile. 3.0 tho. Next Gen PEDphile. PED should have an organisation for the men that love him. Like NAPLA.

I’m thinking about it and I think I’m gonna hang it up on trading

Time to retire.

The game got too hard.

No more edge competing against neural nets and dark pools.

Used to be so much easier.

No such thing as a free lunch.

And if lunches aren’t free, someone’s sticking it in your ass if they’re buying dinner…

PS – this is my New Decade Resolution. What’s yours, ***(not that there’s anything wrong with that)***


The Price Target you friggin’ idiots should be giving.

What’s the hypothetical terminal value of $AAPL.

That’s the most important price target.

Once and handicap and hypothecate that intellectually can you begin to have a non-manipulated, concise and 1 standard deviation discussion about whether is a buy and sell here…

So, that’s the price target I’m working on. And I have an opening bid.

Everything else is just red noise for you. Green noise for the House.

Good luck, God Bless and Happy New Decade…

fuck it…

imma make my God daughter Ms. Mica Bear.

Q: Besides my God Daughter. who wants to be my God Daughter?

PS – God Father is better than Sugar Daddy.

PPS – RR, you’re excluded. sorry.

ppps – Made in CA only. No Russians. Or Ukrainians. Or Israelis 😦

email or dm me. or @vctwentyone. bet…

or Lana Del Rey. she’s excluded…

You dumbass motherfuckers…

i told you  was in trouble in Hollywood. Just ask The Banker…

Meanwhile, hippy journalists use liberal tactics and manufactured narratives to focus on AirPod Pros selling out like hotcakes.


Ask yourself one question?

What’s the margin on an AirPod Pro versus idiotically drunk walking into arguably, the world’s second oldest profession.

Tim Apple thought he could Steve Jobs his way into Hollywood the way Jobs did into music.

Not this time Tim. Hollywood is really good at making movies and inherently, even better at watching them. They saw this movie already and this is one trap  won’t be able to enter.

Making iPods and iPhones is tough. af.

Making movies and tv shows is harder.

Tim Apple overreached here because Apple used it’s homegrown Apple Maps for its strategic vision.

Apple is (for)Stalled. and fucking lost.

Instead if waisting resources on movies, it should have pursued Titanium endeavours. But everyone end-arounded them there too.

Steve always used to say that ships sink from the top. Russians say fish stink from the head.

Apple is a stinking drunk fish that just got its first, (of many) ass kickings from Hollywood.

PS – truth is stranger than fiction. who’d have thunk that The Banker would trip Tim and Apple up. You can’t write this shit…


looking over the new landscape, i love this stock…

we’re entering a content war right? in that case, let’s look at content. you can buy content creators but they’re quite fairly priced.

let’s instead look at content creation devices. and there’s really only one. and it’s really fucking cheap.

buy the content creation device. cause in a content war, content tools are going to be gobbled up.

$4.05 real-time quote. back up the truck..

in a content war, buy content guns and be content.