Seeing Alpha? 🤣🤣🤣

We’re about to separate the men from the kids.

Happens all the time.

Anyway, I’ve been a trader for 25 years.

Now, you all think you’re traders.

You ain’t shit.

You’re kids.

You got lucky.

But you’re not a Trader.

This is a Trader 👌🏽🤞🏿✌🏿👊🏿

Skilled Cat Enterprises raises $AAPL to one year target of $184.21

(First off to authenticate entry for PED’s yearly contest of which I’m banned)

Based on strength in service integration (Apple One), continuation of the Super Cycle, major upcoming developments in  Watch and Health and moonshot  Car developments.

We see  as a must have holding for “the kids” and recommend kids DRIP (dividend reinvestment plan) in the stock or use slices now available from many brokerage houses to dollar cost average over their lives into retirement.

We believe Apple will be the leader among tech for the remainder of this decade.

Our 2025 target is conservatively at $350 and we believe Apple will be closer to $1000 than $750 at the end of the decade.

Only major headwinds we see are anti-trust issues (App Store, etc) and US domestic issues (debt, COVID, war)

Victor Castrol – 272-777-2100

CA personalized license plates explained WITH the loophole…

Here are the rules:

Rule 1: no lust or depravity? Wow

Rule 4: negative connotation to a certain group? Can’t that be anything?

Rule 7: just weird


(are you ready for this?)

See how they snuck rule #2 in? You can use 69 on the plate if it’s a 1969 year model.

Boy, the price of all 69 models are about to go up.


Kids, I opened the playbook here. New free service added for incoming doom…

I’ve always tried to open the playbook here. I’ve never charged a cent. I never will. And this blog is receipts.

But we’re about to enter some rough times.

And some of you have stacked.

And I’m proud of you.

But it’s not what you make.

It’s what you take.

So, take my number and I’ll try and help.

Reach out if you’ve got a question and I’ll try and help if and when you get into a bind.

And trust me

You will