Los Angeles Police Department Faces CRISIS As Officer Numbers Drop, The Union Says THIS Is What’s To Blame…

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) has seen its numbers dwindle to less than 9,000 officers, the smallest force since the 1990s, as of the end o… — Read on http://www.blabber.buzz/conservative-news/1051458-los-angeles-police-department-faces-crisis-as-officer-numbers-drop-the-union-says-this-is-what-s-to-blame

US Steel (ticker $X) is signaling something meaningful…

When one wants to cap the state of the economy, US Steel is Top 5 go to. Well, taking one look at this chart and one word comes to mind FUCKING HORRIFYING Ladies and gents, this $X chart is signaling we’re already in a recession and quickly on the road to The Great ReDepression 2.0,Continue reading “US Steel (ticker $X) is signaling something meaningful…”

PED is either high. Or high AF: Is Apple’s next sports play a deal with Disney? (video) | PED | Papi Chulo’s Take

From “Apple’s Sports Drama Gets Messi” posted Friday by CNET. — Read on http://www.ped30.com/2023/08/12/apple-disney-sports-cnet/ Papi Chulo’s Take: $DIS is already sold to  at around 125 – 135. Done deal. $AAPL #fundingsecured

PED is High AF: Cue’s Crowning Achievement? | You’re An Idiot | Apple’s Messi bet pays off | Philip Elmer‑DeWitt

To even insinuate that this is Eddy Cue’s crowning achievement exposes PED as the $AAPL regurgitator that he is. Not even top 10 bro. From “Apple MLS Season Pass subscriptions have doubled since Lionel Messi joined Inter Miami” posted Thursday by AppleInsider. — Read on http://www.ped30.com/2023/08/11/apple-messi-mls-doubled/

Mark Gurman: Apple is scrambling to make core apps AR/VR ready (video) | PED | #Newton2 | #DOA

The failure of this product will be epic. From Gurman’s “Apple’s AR/VR Headset to Feature Sports, Gaming, iPad Apps and Workouts” posted Tuesday. — Read on http://www.ped30.com/2023/04/19/apple-scrambling-core-apps-headset/

Tennessee National Guardsman Caught Trying to Moonlight as Hit Man, Feds Say

Photo Illustration by Kelly Caminero / The Daily Beast / GettyA Tennessee National Air Guardsman is facing charges for allegedly submitting his resume to what he thought was a website hiring contract killers—but, in reality, was a parody site that tipped off federal authorities.Josiah Ernesto Garcia, 21, was charged on Thursday with using interstate commerceContinue reading “Tennessee National Guardsman Caught Trying to Moonlight as Hit Man, Feds Say”

Army Picked Pricier Black Hawk Replacement Over ‘Unacceptable’ Losing Bid, GAO Says – Defense One

The Army found Sikorsky-Boeing’s offering too vague, a new GAO document says. — Read on http://www.defenseone.com/business/2023/04/army-picked-bells-pricier-black-hawk-replacement-over-unacceptable-sikorsky-boeing-offer-gao-says/385179/

Chicago to host 2024 Democratic convention | The Hill

Democrats will hold their 2024 national convention in Chicago, according to three sources familiar with the decision.  The decision to hold the 2024 Democratic National Convention there will place the party and President Biden in the heart of a battleground region that has proven pivotal in the last several election cycles.  Party officials were torn…Continue reading “Chicago to host 2024 Democratic convention | The Hill”

Ms. MICA Bear – May 23 – Cinnabuns Delivers the Goods…

We had the pleasure of meeting Cinnabuns many moons ago in an “entertainment lounge.” The moment I saw her, (and a photo finish second, dat ass), I immediately check my pulse to make sure i was still alíve. Once confirming existence, I asked myself if i went to church that day. No. This must beContinue reading “Ms. MICA Bear – May 23 – Cinnabuns Delivers the Goods…”

Rep. Hinson Calls for Biden Admin to Shut Down ‘CCP’s Expansive Surveillance’ in US

Rep. Ashley Hinson (R-Iowa) called for the Biden administration to shut down the “CCP’s expansive surveillance” in the … — Read on http://www.theepochtimes.com/rep-hinson-calls-for-biden-admin-to-shut-down-ccps-expansive-surveillance-in-us_5179428.html

Apple ($AAPL) VP Named New Director of Defense Innovation Unit | Defense One | DIU is #DARPA 2.0

Maybe Russia was right to ban iPhones in government capacity. This should open many eyes… The DIU will also now report directly to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin. — Read on http://www.defenseone.com/technology/2023/04/apple-vp-named-new-director-defense-innovation-unit/384874/

Mark Gurman is an Idiot looking for a Village: Tim Cook got caught | From PED | Apple is Fvcked if Chiner Acts Up | $AAPL | 

Mark Gurman is either an idiot, disingenuous and/or a disingenuous idiot. There is no secret plan. There is no calvary. Apple production is fucked should geo headwinds come home to roost. Estimates to recreate current Apple product lines run at a minimum of 28 – 42 months. Apple got caught with its corporate greed. FromContinue reading “Mark Gurman is an Idiot looking for a Village: Tim Cook got caught | From PED | Apple is Fvcked if Chiner Acts Up | $AAPL | ”

LVCK, LLC is prepared to buyout $NUGS.

We have two pennies to rub together and we’re prepared to submit a buyout proposal to $NUGS management subject to reclassification of option and warrant grants. Management has not been receptive to our internal communication and we believe the majority foreign ownership is playing a pivotal role in this lack of corporate duty to respond.Continue reading “LVCK, LLC is prepared to buyout $NUGS.”

The Apple Headset is DOA…

We’re getting reports of what exactly this Apple product is and we can safely report that Apple’s Newton (PDA) should be squarely concerned as easily be replaced as APPLE’s WORST PRODUCT EVER. Anecdotes from both software and hardware dev teams signify that this is a product no one really wanted to produce but Apple “gassedContinue reading “The Apple Headset is DOA…”


This is a breaking news story. Details to folla Trump got FVCKed MAGAs are Schmvcks MICA is a bear looking for a bachelorette/party. If you’re a bachelorette looking for a bear, we’ve got bears galore. For a good bear who, bare with us, could bare it all, text your request to: 310-997-0177 We’ve got bearsContinue reading “BREAKING NEWS: TRUMP INDICTED, MAGA INCITED, MICA EXCITED…”

FBI Found No Credible Threats After Investigating Dozens of Protesting Parents › American Greatness

On Tuesday, it was revealed that despite the FBI investigating over two dozen different instances of parents and parents’ rights groups protesting school boards… — Read on amgreatness.com/2023/03/23/fbi-found-no-credible-threats-after-investigating-dozens-of-protesting-parents/

From PED: The “STRANGER DANGER\S” of “Street” “Research” – Part 1| $AAPL | $MSFT | $ATVI | #THOT | News from BBC.

I glimpsed this note from Morgan Stanley via PED. https://www.ped30.com/2023/03/21/what-morgan-stanley-said-about-risk-to-apple-from-a-microsoft-gaming-app/ Shit like this is so wrong, it’ll mothball a port. It’s criminal. BOOM. Apple isn’t doomed. But it is dead for a minute. Or a decade…

After 40 years, the gnarliest golf course you’ll ever see has arrived. And it’s got bite. Meet ETHAM…

Victor Castrol walked into the famed Buckley School campus around 4 decades ago and at the ripe young age of 9, he spotted what would be his, “brother from another mother,” in about 10 minutes. Said Castrol, a 49 year old entrepreneur today, I just got out of 3rd grade Jewish school day school (AdatContinue reading “After 40 years, the gnarliest golf course you’ll ever see has arrived. And it’s got bite. Meet ETHAM…”

How a Problem-Solving Course Could Help Rebuild Trust in the US Military – Defense One

Let’s expand the Hacking 4 Defense program, which already helps hundreds of college students engage fruitfully with national-security problems. — Read on http://www.defenseone.com/ideas/2023/03/how-problem-solving-course-could-help-rebuild-trust-us-military/384160/

Air Force Should Double Its B-21 Purchase Plans, Think Tank Says – Defense One | Maverick PC’s Take

Maverick Papi Chulo says, You really only need 10 B-21s. But Goose says it’s not a good idea The service also needs to buy the stealth bombers more quickly, a new Mitchell Institute report says. — Read on http://www.defenseone.com/threats/2023/03/think-tank-air-force-needs-225-b-21-bombers-more-double-its-current-plans/384121/

US Woos Other Nations for Military-AI Ethics Pact – Defense One | #AIethics? That’s not a thing…

State Department and Pentagon officials hope to illuminate a contrast between the United States and China on AI. — Read on http://www.defenseone.com/technology/2023/02/us-woos-other-nations-military-ai-ethics-pact/383024/

Buy $NUGS on NASDAQ if you like #generational wealth


An Old Cowboy Apparently Didn’t Die… #VictorCastroll $AAPL $MOAT1 $MOAT2

Philip Elmer-Dewitt said he was a farmer. Then a cowboy. He called De-Witt a PEDphile (explaining later that PED meant, “LOVERS OF PED” Elon did the same thing. Couple years later. Chuck Yeager came before these douchebags Bill? – You hung with Jeff. Then got the most incredible weekend/s with Jeff so decided, i’ve doneContinue reading “An Old Cowboy Apparently Didn’t Die… #VictorCastroll $AAPL $MOAT1 $MOAT2”


If the news couldn’t be getting worse for Apple, Inc, here comes the real pain. Apparently the unknown war taking place recently has been a war in luxury watch retailers. A nascent quiet little business, margins have skyrocketed and billions have been made increased valuations. Enter PANERAI… Sylvester Stallone. Tough guy. Pamela Anderson. Arnold Schwarzenegger.Continue reading “REPORT: PANERAI ENTERING THE iWatch SPACE”

RIP Steve Jobs – 2/2/23 Second Obit

Steve Jobs has officially died. Again. The first human ever to officially die twice. When a couple jerk-offs jerked each other off trying to get to Space, after his initial passing, Jobs spent his second life concentrating on the same thing he did in his first life. Said Jobs in an earlier, “The addition ofContinue reading “RIP Steve Jobs – 2/2/23 Second Obit”

‘We Should Have Been There’: Marine General Laments the State of the Amphib Navy – Defense One | The #USMC is never a month late | WTF

A failure to deploy in February illustrates the low readiness of the nation’s amphibious warships, a Marine three-star tells Defense One. — Read on http://www.defenseone.com/policy/2022/04/we-should-have-been-there-marine-general-laments-state-amphib-navy/366314/

The Future Leagues announces first multi-league franchise and sponsor.

The Future Leagues on Twitch is pleased to announce the first of many multi-league franchisees, the LA Raiders. The Raiders are founded by Vladimir Mastirhin, a chiseled tech veteran and entrepreneur. Said Mastirhin, “I’m very excited by this esports opportunity and frankly, being able to own the RAIDERS across the entire sports video game ecosystemContinue reading “The Future Leagues announces first multi-league franchise and sponsor.”

Another Huge Fumble by $AAPL | Sunday Ticket: How Apple dropped the ball | PED

From “Why an Apple-NFL Sunday Ticket marriage didn’t come together” posted Wednesday in The Athletic. — Read on http://www.ped30.com/2022/12/24/apple-dropped-sunday-football/ This one is going to leave a mark. Sunday Ticket was imperative for Apple to compete in TV and promulgate an A/VR device. Losing this stings further with the tailwind this gives to YouTube TV. TheContinue reading “Another Huge Fumble by $AAPL | Sunday Ticket: How Apple dropped the ball | PED”

47 years later, Spielberg says he regrets impact ‘Jaws’ had on sharks | Today, I regret the impact Steven Spielberg has had on ‘Jews’ #antisemitism

47 years later, Spielberg says he regrets impact ‘Jaws’ had on sharks — Read on http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/technology/47-years-later-spielberg-says-he-regrets-impact-jaws-had-on-sharks/ar-AA15rtim

“Never get off a hot horse. Or stand in the way of a horse looking for action. Or a horse in beat” ~ Victor Castrol | #idemo #Hrvatska! | #Croatia | #WorldCup #betting #tips | 🇭🇷 🎰🇭🇷

Croatia was my World Cup pick and at +750, i’m not getting off this horse in heat. Press here with house money (thanks Brasil). 3 – 5 units to win tomorrow and 3 – 5 units to win it all. We’ve got live tickets from 33/1 – 50/1 so this is just play. I thinkContinue reading ““Never get off a hot horse. Or stand in the way of a horse looking for action. Or a horse in beat” ~ Victor Castrol | #idemo #Hrvatska! | #Croatia | #WorldCup #betting #tips | 🇭🇷 🎰🇭🇷”