i love how CNBC calls…. (and MILFS)

I love how CNBC calls an upcoming all-our full blown trade war with China a “snag” This “snag” is gonna have the US’s pantyhose at her ankles by this holiday season. Snag? 😂😂😂 Now where did i put that “The Graduate” VHS? PS – #MILFS have been around dinner the 60s. Glad you finally caughtContinue reading “i love how CNBC calls…. (and MILFS)”

If only it was just the tip…

The RAIDERS cornerback didn’t just not tip (sacrilege in a city built on what’s called the SERVICE industry) He threw his cards at the dealer (female) and called her a racial epithet. Keep in mind; dude was up 25 dimes. Anyway, he’s gonna need it. He’s not on the roster for Monday night opener. MakeContinue reading “If only it was just the tip…”

“Las Vegas, we have a problem”…. (And it’s a “RAIDER”)

Apparently the team staff haven’t explained to the “Playas” and “Ballers” the city they live in. One guy had a good night and did this. Given recent disgusting behavior by cornerback toward Aria baccarat room staff (including not tipping, despite being up tens of thousands), perception of Raiders isn’t changing anytime soon. https://t.co/jMvo0dwYpl — VitalContinue reading ““Las Vegas, we have a problem”…. (And it’s a “RAIDER”)”

The NFL, the NFC, China and the AFC…

They used to call the NFL The No Fun League. The NFL figured out how to make it fun. Real fun. I hereby declare we call China the NFC. As part of XJP Socialist Agenda speech given for the dawn of the next 100 years (where he officially transferred China from a Communist Country toContinue reading “The NFL, the NFC, China and the AFC…”

Win/Place/Show – The Three Best Stocks/ETFs this week. 9/7/21 Edition

Futures at 1:30pst pointing to a flat open. Let’s see which way she wants to go. Since we had an uneventful weekend, strength will gain into the open based on Covid containment, Afghanistan done, let’s go spend 5 trillion. Good week coming for market. Win of the Week: $NVDA Place of the week: $AAPL ShowContinue reading “Win/Place/Show – The Three Best Stocks/ETFs this week. 9/7/21 Edition”

Over 25% of new COVID-19 cases in Los Angeles County are fully vaccinated people

In June fully vaccinated people accounted for 20% of all the new cases diagnosed in LA County, while unvaccinated and partially vaccinated people accounted for 80% of the cases. — Read on http://www.fox5ny.com/news/over-25-of-new-covid-19-cases-in-los-angeles-county-are-fully-vaccinated-people

We set a viewership record today.

I wanna thank ya’ll for popping in here and listening to the rambling thoughts of a professional speculator. Subscribe to stay updated. I nailed the $AAPL top and even advised buying puts. I’m opening the playbook here to give back, mostly to the kids. I’ll never charge or front run you and then open schoolsContinue reading “We set a viewership record today.”