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An Old Cowboy Apparently Didn’t Die… #VictorCastroll $AAPL $MOAT1 $MOAT2

Philip Elmer-Dewitt said he was a farmer. Then a cowboy. He called De-Witt a PEDphile (explaining later that PED meant, “LOVERS OF PED” Elon did the same thing. Couple years later. Chuck Yeager came before these douchebags Bill? – You hung with Jeff. Then got the most incredible weekend/s with Jeff so decided, i’ve doneContinue reading “An Old Cowboy Apparently Didn’t Die… #VictorCastroll $AAPL $MOAT1 $MOAT2”

RIP Steve Jobs – 2/2/23 Second Obit

Steve Jobs has officially died. Again. The first human ever to officially die twice. When a couple jerk-offs jerked each other off trying to get to Space, after his initial passing, Jobs spent his second life concentrating on the same thing he did in his first life. Said Jobs in an earlier, “The addition ofContinue reading “RIP Steve Jobs – 2/2/23 Second Obit”

Apple: Oppenheimer and Barclays have cold feet | Philip Elmer‑DeWitt | PC Take

From Emily Bary’s “Apple faces risk of ‘perishable demand’ for iPhones, analysts say” posted Monday by MarketWatch. — Read on PC’s Take: nothing better than analysts using new terms to cover up easily recognizable predictable errors. I’ve been speaking about perishable demand for 6 months. oh well.

Ms. MICA Bear 2022 will be announced 12/22, just in time for #XXXmas goldenhour $AAPL #AnaLorde #JIT #inventory

We’re trying not to get too anal about who we’re going to pick but, Lorde, this is a ton of work. so many bears, so little time. speaking of loaded for bear, $AAPL is going to touch $120 between today and St Patrick’s Day. we can’t tell you who the leader is but the stalkingContinue reading “Ms. MICA Bear 2022 will be announced 12/22, just in time for #XXXmas goldenhour $AAPL #AnaLorde #JIT #inventory”

NYT: The Steve Jobs Archive is not an ‘archive.’ But… | PED | 21 $AAPL

From Tripp Mickle’s “Who Gets the Last Word on Steve Jobs? He Might.” in Saturday’s New York Times. — Read on Morons. Steve Jobs is still tweeting. Whoever is writing this shit must be an insider.

Hey @deagol, I Think I Found Something about $AAPL. Comment below. Deags. Let’s chat in front of EVERYONE…

In a recorded space. Or on a recorded space. You and I are the only ones on Earth to knew what WE knew 10 years ago. We both admire 3s… And here comes 10/21/22. Again…

REPORTS: Apple’s #OneMoreThing will be a “NightPod” that’s #FAROUT

Hearing from some contacts inside the company that Apple indeed has a “One More Thing” up its sleeve at today’s Far Out event. Apparently, the invite was intended to evoke space, dreams, time and distance. To that end, the company is getting ready to introduce the world no one even knew Apple was working on.Continue reading “REPORTS: Apple’s #OneMoreThing will be a “NightPod” that’s #FAROUT”

REPORT: #Apple to announce deeper iOS embedded integration with #TikTok at #FarOut event tomorrow. | $AAPL

We got a tip that there’s some deeper embedded integration with Tik Tok in the new iOS. Not sure if there’s any integration to AR/VR but our source tells us that, interesting enough, Tik Tok has been the one and only app rescued from “Ask App not to Track”. Time will tell.

#MorganStanley: #Apple shares rise, on average, 11% after an #iPhone event | PED | This is #criminal | #sellside #horseshit | #notthistime | 21 is calling down 11% | $AAPL |

From a note to clients by analyst Erik Woodring that landed on my desktop Friday. — Read on

Macalope: $AAPL’s future rests once again on the launch of a new #iPhone | PED | #Bro, #iPhone14 is a #nothingburger | #Supercycle resumes 2023

Macalope: Apple’s future rests once again on the launch of a new iPhone | Philip Elmer‑DeWitt — Read on

How #Apple pushed its ad-vantage $AAPL | And Fucked Everyone Else Up Something Fierce Under the Cover of Privacy | 🤣🤣🤣

The tech giant is ramping up an ad business just as its iPhone privacy policy is limiting rivals. — Read on

Mark Gurman: Five ways of looking at $ ‘Far Out’ | PED| This dude gets paid 400k to predict an event? | WOW…

From Gurman’s Power On column, posted Sunday to Bloomberg Technology subscribers — Read on The only meaningful take away from the event is moving it up a week. That means Apple knows supply and demand will be soft.

Gene Munster: The Apple Car is a ‘higher probability than most would expect’ (video) | Philip Elmer‑DeWitt

From “Apple’s new products this fall will be subdued, says Loup’s Gene Munster” which aired Thursday on CNBC. — Read on 21 Take: I’m still waiting on that Apple TV Gene.

The case for trading #Apple options | PED | From the #OG #cowboy #cowboys mentioned at the bottom of the article. | 21 | Thanks for the #revisit @philiped | $NUGS | $AAPL

From friend-of-the-blog Gregg Thurman. — Read on Cowboys and Farmers don’t need to be friends. I’ve made millions and never had to deal with a farmer. Ironically, I became one when I used my $AAPL windfall to buy a farm. That farm has a ticker symbol. #NUGS

#Apple ($AAPL) Lays Off #Recruiters as Part of Hiring Slowdown, Spending Cuts | Bloomberg | PC Take

Apple Inc. laid off many of its contract-based recruiters in the past week, part of a push to rein in the tech giant’s hiring and spending, according to people with knowledge of the matter. — Read on PC Take: If this is true, Tim Apple fibbed or played loose with details on the earningsContinue reading “#Apple ($AAPL) Lays Off #Recruiters as Part of Hiring Slowdown, Spending Cuts | Bloomberg | PC Take”

BREAKING NEWS: $AAPL Isn’t Worried about  TV+ | Things overheard at last night’s #TheSuccession #launch #party at #nobu #malibu

I had the pleasure of attending last nights launch party at Nobu in Malibu. First off, as a Jew, I love to calculate how much people spend on parties. The soirée had upwards of 500 guests at close to $300 a head. $150 – 250k. Apple also their own full production team and security. 500Continue reading “BREAKING NEWS: $AAPL Isn’t Worried about  TV+ | Things overheard at last night’s #TheSuccession #launch #party at #nobu #malibu”

So far, $AAPL Pegatron #shipments have been spared #Chinese #slowdown | PED | 21’s Take Inside | Pelosi prolly hammered #puts

From Nikkei Asia’s “Shipments to Pegatron’s China factory disrupted after exec met Pelosi” posted Friday. — Read on 21’s Take: Good thing Apple deferred iPhone revenue into next quarter. PS – Pretty sure Nancy Mafiosi has Apple puts. She has immaculate timing.

$AAPL HR’s me-too moment | PED | OR | Why TraderVic sold all his $AAPL | Papi Chulo

From “The women calling out Apple’s handling of misconduct claims” posted Wednesday in the Financial Times. — Read on PC – I’m hearing this is kinda a big deal. PS – Hypocrisy at it’s finest. You expect us to trust employees that behave like this? DFOH…

Mark Gurman: $AAPL is tapping the breaks aggressively | PED | TraderVic already told you about this 🤡

From Gurman’s “Apple’s Hot iPhone Quarter Masks a Behind-the-Scenes Slowdown” posted Sunday on the Bloomberg. — Read on Read TraderVic / 21’s 10 Trading Commandments. This guy is #1 I believe. PS – The only thing being tapped aggressively is Gurman’s year-end bonus. That’s if he’s ever there to collect it. 50/50.

BREAKING NEWS: Apple Pay Suspended on Steve Wynn | MICABEAR | EXCLUSIVE |

It’s no secret that Elaine Wynn is the Queen of leaking information to fvck with her old flame. Upon numerous accounts of negotiation assfuckery, she was instrumental in rehashing of ancient history by leaking the Steve Wynn inappropriate employee relation settlements. Well, it seems she has struck again. I’m not quite sure what her intentContinue reading “BREAKING NEWS: Apple Pay Suspended on Steve Wynn | MICABEAR | EXCLUSIVE |”

Inviting friends-of-the-blog to Apple’s Q3 2022 Earnings Wild Ass Guess the EPS

Got a detailed Apple model? Ready to compete with the pros? First prize is $210 cash. To enter, follow us here at http://www.Twitch.TV/TheFutureLeagues and DM us there to receive the Dropbox link to update your model. Closest to the EPS wins. In case of ties, pot will be split among winners. *This contest has noContinue reading “Inviting friends-of-the-blog to Apple’s Q3 2022 Earnings Wild Ass Guess the EPS”

#Tradervic #twentyone #10 #trading #commandments inspired by Mark Gurman: #Apple $AAPL faces a tough compare via PED | #21sTake #trader

From Gurman’s Power On column, mailed Sunday to Bloomberg Technology subscribers. — Read on Tradervic’s / 21’s Trading Commandments. 1. Never trust a sell-side ANALyst 2. Never trust an idiot 3. Never trust an idiot sell-side analyst 4. Most ANALysts are idiots. 5. Never trust Mark Gurman 6. Never trust any  ANALyst 7.Continue reading “#Tradervic #twentyone #10 #trading #commandments inspired by Mark Gurman: #Apple $AAPL faces a tough compare via PED | #21sTake #trader”

Why I #Retired from #Trading $AAPL…

I’ve been getting emails/texts/dm’s etc from some smart kids asking why I’m not providing my trades anymore. Easy. I taught you how to fish / trade. Now go trade. I’m out fishing. PS – If you’ve read this far, congrats! I didn’t really retire. In fact, I made 479bps today. If you still want trades,Continue reading “Why I #Retired from #Trading $AAPL…”

Right Here, Right Now $AAPL – #FULLPORT – #longdated #deltareplacement I no longer post trades cause my Uncle likes me money. But as a finale trade / swan song / am I wrong? I’ll tell you something that will blow your mind. At market close, I think $AAPL at $150 is the Best Buy. This year. This decade. I loaded the boat. 7/15/2002 $150

Time’s running out at the $AAPL #homeless #motel?| What about thr #slaves in #China tho? | From PED

From “Apple spent millions, but it couldn’t pull these San Jose residents out of homelessness” posted Monday by the Mercury News. — Read on Homeless motel? What about the indentured slaves at Foxconn with the suicide nets. What’s Apple going to do about them?

REPORT: $AAPL Whipping Out the Cook Check Book…

Hearing reports that Apple M&A getting very interested in some names for a rather sizable acquisition. Still getting info on verticals but we’re hearing this will be Apple’s largest acquisition ever. 30 – 75 billion is the budget and Cook and Co are looking to use market weakness to advance moonshot business. PC Take: SomeContinue reading “REPORT: $AAPL Whipping Out the Cook Check Book…”

BREAKING NEWS: #China to stop producing all $AAPL products. Here’s why 🔽🔽🔽

In an abundance of caution, China has decided to stop all Apple manufacturing to ensure that the COVID-23 currently being developed in Wuhan isn’t transmitable via AirDrop. Or Bluetooth. And WI-FI. It’s part of their Zero COVID Policy. Further, they ordered Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing ($TSM) to halt production as well. Lastly, China told Mexico toContinue reading “BREAKING NEWS: #China to stop producing all $AAPL products. Here’s why 🔽🔽🔽”

BREAKING NEWS: $AAPL Sleuths Continue Crushing

Twelve years ago, two wild and crazy guys came up with a scheme to figure how many iPads Apple would sell at introduction. They decided to build a community data agg model and reverse engineered Apple’s ordering system. Their results were amazingly accurate and it caused Apple to randomize and make other changes. Well,Continue reading “BREAKING NEWS: $AAPL Sleuths Continue Crushing”

Got 2.8m on $AAPL Puts…

Listen to track in TIDAL – Ice Cube: It Was A Good Day

Huge $AAPL #Revenue #Guidance Clue Given.

As reported by PED 3.0 today, Apple, Inc. Is leaving many Genius positions left infilled. This portends many things and none of them good. POSSIBILITIES 1. No demand for Geniuses – NEGATIVE 2. No supply of Geniuses – NEGATIVE OUTCOME Steve Jobs famously created the Genius position to be the Brand Ambassador of  andContinue reading “Huge $AAPL #Revenue #Guidance Clue Given.”

Surveillance will follow us into ‘the metaverse,’ and our bodies could be its new data source

Virtual reality headsets learn more about you than traditional screens. That could be good news for creepy companies. — Read on PC Take: Holy Fuck $FB $AAPL

One thing Tesla learned from Apple | 🤣🤣🤣

From Jack Ewing’s “Why Tesla Soared as Other Automakers Struggled to Make Cars” on the front page of Sunday’s New York Times. — Read on Papi Chulo Take: One thing? 🤣🤣🤣. $AAPL #DNA is all over @elonmusk, $TSLA and @spacex.

Mark Gurman: Silly $AAPL Analyst. Dude gets paid stacks for this “research”

“What should we expect? Probably a new iPhone SE, at least.” — Read on 21 Take: Could be June, possibly July, outside chance there’s an event in August but there will definitely be one in September. Um, can an IB please send me a job application? I’d like to make 600k a year creatingContinue reading “Mark Gurman: Silly $AAPL Analyst. Dude gets paid stacks for this “research””

Mark Gurman: Here’s what Apple has in store for ’22 | Uncle PED

From Gurman’s “Power On” newsletter, posted Sunday to subscribers. — Read on Papi Chulo Take: Tell me what $AAPL is going to do. Everyone already knows what  Inc is going to do.

Papi Chulo’s Huge $AAPL early ‘22 PREDICTION…

First, a word from PED about this upcoming week for $AAPL. — Read on Papi Chulo Take: what Josh Brown said on Wednesday has NO RELEVANCE TO $AAPL cause the hammer in the stock poo-poohed it Friday. Papi Chulo HUGE PREDICTION: On Jan 3, 2022 at 5:30am PST, $AAPL will inform the market andContinue reading “Papi Chulo’s Huge $AAPL early ‘22 PREDICTION…”

Evercore: Chinese iPhone shipments fell 32% y/y in September, but… | Papi Chulo

“September represents what should prove to be a momentary period of quiet ahead of robust demand for the iPhone 13 lineup.” — Read on PC Take: This news coupled with underwhelming Chinese GDP growth are two things to keep on eye on. Given low reason to upgrade to iPhone 13 and general economic drift,Continue reading “Evercore: Chinese iPhone shipments fell 32% y/y in September, but… | Papi Chulo”

WTF? $AAPL took down a Quran app and a Bible app in China on the request of Chinese officials

Apple told the BBC that Chinese officials had complained that the Quran and Bible apps broke laws on hosting illegal religious texts. — Read on PC Take: And people still think China doesn’t have Apple by the balls? Guess again.

Visa drafts plan to reduce some fees that banks pay to Apple – WSJ (NASDAQ:AAPL) | Seeking Alpha

Visa <<V>> is planning to change the way it processes some Apple <<AAPL>> Pay transactions, as banks rebel against the fees they pay to Apple, the Wall Street Journal reports, citing… — Read on PC Take – #rohroh

#shocker $AAPL #AppleTV+ #comes in #last | Philip Elmer‑DeWitt

From Brandon Katz’s “State of the Streamer: Apple TV+ is Charting a Unique Path Through the Streaming Wars” posted last week by The Observer. — Read on PC Take: as $NFLX #CEO stated, it’s a #marketing #platform #aka #alsoran #moneypit #expensive #experiment #newton #newton20 #lightyourmoneyonfire

Source PED: Apple Investors: Mark Your Calendars |

I’ll be monitoring the quarterly call with analysts, and you can too. — Read on Headline should read: $AAPL Investors: Check Your Wallets. (and buy #puts, Putz) I’m glad @ped30 is invested in the company. He’ll probably lose lunch money with his one share of ownership. PS – PED. Get an editor. After 30Continue reading “Source PED: Apple Investors: Mark Your Calendars |”

Benedict Evans: Apple is the $2T elephant in the room | Philip Elmer‑DeWitt

From Evans’ “A decade of the Tim Cook machine” posted Tuesday to subscribers of Benedict’s Newsletter. — Read on PC Take: The only question is have is, what room? Right now it’s looking like the Bath Room, aka #shitter. 🚽 Buy puts, #PUTZ

This is only half the story. Mark Gurman: Apple’s iPhone engineers are working on a ‘complete redesign’ | Philip Elmer‑DeWitt

From Gurman’s “It’s time to talk about the iPhone 14” mailed Sunday to his Bloomberg ($) Power On subscribers. — Read on I’ll announce the real meat tomorrow. Or maybe tonight.