#Tradervic #twentyone #10 #trading #commandments inspired by Mark Gurman: #Apple $AAPL faces a tough compare via PED | #21sTake #trader

From Gurman’s Power On column, mailed Sunday to Bloomberg Technology subscribers. — Read on http://www.ped30.com/2022/07/24/apple-q32022-gurman-tough-compare/ Tradervic’s / 21’s Trading Commandments. 1. Never trust a sell-side ANALyst 2. Never trust an idiot 3. Never trust an idiot sell-side analyst 4. Most ANALysts are idiots. 5. Never trust Mark Gurman 6. Never trust any  ANALyst 7.Continue reading “#Tradervic #twentyone #10 #trading #commandments inspired by Mark Gurman: #Apple $AAPL faces a tough compare via PED | #21sTake #trader”

Got 2.8m on $AAPL Puts…

Listen to track in TIDAL – Ice Cube: It Was A Good Day https://tidal.com/track/44569768

Go figure…

The first use of The 21 Chip occurred on 7/7/21 at a fine establishment in DTLA Wanna see the girl that made history? Stay Tuned… http://www.Twitter.con/The21Chip http://www.Instagram.com/vctwentyone

Now let’s play little bank takes big bank…

Introducing the 21 Chip… Currently accepted in Malibu at Malibu News Stand 23717 PCH, 90265 Bank phone number 272-777-2100 Thanks for playing…

Skilled Cat Enterprises starts $ALGT with Strong Buy – 🎯 in.

Skilled Cat Enterprises started $ALGT with a Strong Buy today and a one year price target of $250. I would give you a whole research report but I’m busy today making 50%. Today Buy. Buy Buy…

Per PED: Bring out the gimp

Here comes the narrative battle between buy and sell side. 🍿

Skilled Cat Enterprises raises $NVDA target to a K. Ok?

On April 7 with $NVDA trading at $565, we initiated the name with a target of $666. Nine days later on 4/16/21 with the stock trading at $636, we raised our target to $750. Having hit our target Friday, we’re raising our target again. This time to a street high of $1,000. See you there.Continue reading “Skilled Cat Enterprises raises $NVDA target to a K. Ok?”

Help me help The American Legion

Hi, I am participating in a virtual fitness based fundraising event to benefit The American Legion. My goal is to complete 100 activities in this event. Will you donate $21 to keep me motivated to hit my goal and support this cause? Will you sponsor my hustle? https://hustle.kilterrewards.com/charity/1822/challenge/161/participant/31912/Victor%20Castrol After you donate, you will be sentContinue reading “Help me help The American Legion”

$AAPL is being parked / pinned at $130…

The inst. got caught on their weekly atm writes and 130 is the line in the sand. They’ll either park it at 130 or 127.50 tomorrow and imho, gap 130 Monday after Long Island ice teas and dirty martinis in the Hamptons and Malibu this weekend.

I want to start a business where I just copy pasta

And stack. For a hippie, PED did well… Papi Chulo’s take: No shit Sherlock. As I’ve said before EVERYONE. Apple has no peers. Read my research report posted last weekend before EVERYONE on the Street started copying my shit.