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#Apple leaves #Aramco in the dust | PED | Or, don’t listen to a “journalist” with 4 shares of $AAPL

From Jeran Wittenstein’s “Apple’s Chart-Topping Run Gets a Boost From Retail Investors” posted Tuesday on the Bloomberg. — Read on PED has said some stupid stuff. But this line takes the cake. ARAMCO SURPASSING APPLE IN MARKET CAP WAS AN ANOMALY. BRO, YOU REALLY DON’T KNOW DICK.

Source PED: Apple Investors: Mark Your Calendars |

I’ll be monitoring the quarterly call with analysts, and you can too. — Read on Headline should read: $AAPL Investors: Check Your Wallets. (and buy #puts, Putz) I’m glad @ped30 is invested in the company. He’ll probably lose lunch money with his one share of ownership. PS – PED. Get an editor. After 30Continue reading “Source PED: Apple Investors: Mark Your Calendars |”

From PED: Apple worse than Google monopoly

PC take: this isn’t a guy. This is CEO of IAC. And he’s 100% right. $AAPL is gonna get FTCKED something fierce and as usual, PEDphiles (lovers of all things PED, nee ), wearing rainbow colored glasses won’t see the license plate of the truck that’s about to hit them. Show starts this week fromContinue reading “From PED: Apple worse than Google monopoly”