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An Old Cowboy Apparently Didn’t Die… #VictorCastroll $AAPL $MOAT1 $MOAT2

Philip Elmer-Dewitt said he was a farmer. Then a cowboy. He called De-Witt a PEDphile (explaining later that PED meant, “LOVERS OF PED” Elon did the same thing. Couple years later. Chuck Yeager came before these douchebags Bill? – You hung with Jeff. Then got the most incredible weekend/s with Jeff so decided, i’ve doneContinue reading “An Old Cowboy Apparently Didn’t Die… #VictorCastroll $AAPL $MOAT1 $MOAT2”

The Future Leagues announces first multi-league franchise and sponsor.

The Future Leagues on Twitch is pleased to announce the first of many multi-league franchisees, the LA Raiders. The Raiders are founded by Vladimir Mastirhin, a chiseled tech veteran and entrepreneur. Said Mastirhin, “I’m very excited by this esports opportunity and frankly, being able to own the RAIDERS across the entire sports video game ecosystemContinue reading “The Future Leagues announces first multi-league franchise and sponsor.”

Ms. MICA Bear 2022 will be announced 12/22, just in time for #XXXmas goldenhour $AAPL #AnaLorde #JIT #inventory

We’re trying not to get too anal about who we’re going to pick but, Lorde, this is a ton of work. so many bears, so little time. speaking of loaded for bear, $AAPL is going to touch $120 between today and St Patrick’s Day. we can’t tell you who the leader is but the stalkingContinue reading “Ms. MICA Bear 2022 will be announced 12/22, just in time for #XXXmas goldenhour $AAPL #AnaLorde #JIT #inventory”

Skilled Cat Enterprises licenses first intellectual property in 15 years – #Raiders | Remember #AlDavis?

Coming fresh off licensing Jackie Mason 15 years ago and slapping his Jewish ass on iTunes, Victor Castrol decided it was time to finally create his second act. Said Castrol, “Life is what happens when you’re making plans.” Word around town is Castrol has partnered up with a famous ‘80s Player / Producing / PrickContinue reading “Skilled Cat Enterprises licenses first intellectual property in 15 years – #Raiders | Remember #AlDavis?”

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In a recorded space. Or on a recorded space. You and I are the only ones on Earth to knew what WE knew 10 years ago. We both admire 3s… And here comes 10/21/22. Again…

The Honorable Michael Leif of Ventura County, CA Family Court declared in a Court of Law without a transcriber present (due to defunding,what’s said in a court of law is no longer really that important. Or at least, it might be. But we can’t afford it.) that I’m…

INCREDIBLE. Thank you your Honor. I think you’re incredible too. Be Well! #CommitmentToExcellence

#BREAKINGNEWS: #raiders Josh Jacobs requests a number change. Reason inside. #blackmamba #kobe

Word out of training camp is JJ wants to mix it up and kiss 28 good bye. He chose 8 to evoke a “Kobe / Black Mamba” approach to this season considering he’s future with the Raiders isn’t guaranteed. Good luck 8. We’re rooting for you. #HARD

The #DerekCarr to #DavanteAdams connection is best summarised by #ROMANS417 | #RAIDERS

The ghost of past RAIDERS dead and alive will give life to our 2022 team. It’ll call into existence things that don’t exist. The ball will roll our way. The wind is in our sails. We’re hungry but not for food. For blood. For W’s. And for the Chip… Let’s Fucking Go…

Go Figure. #Raiders #owner #MarkDavis is #allegedly a #creepy #perv

The recently fired Las Vegas Raiders team president went after Mark Davis. — Read on In other news, $ALGT is checking the morality clause of its licensing deal with the Raiders. Contingency plans call for the name to be temporarily changed to Allegedly Stadium.

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Listen to track in TIDAL – Ice Cube: It Was A Good Day

Sources – #LasVegas #Raiders reach deal with pass-rusher #probowl Chandler Jones, #trade Yannick Ngakoue to Indianapolis Colts

The Raiders have reached agreement on a deal with pass-rusher Chandler Jones and are trading Yannick Ngakoue to the Colts, sources told ESPN. — Read on

Breaking News: TFL – Steve Wynn back in the Game with purchase of Las Vegas Raiders.

Steve Wynn is getting back into the game. He recently announced the purchase of the Las Vegas Raiders in TFL, a new esports endeavour started by LVCK, LLC. Will Mr. Wynn get the last laugh in an end around? Time will tell as it always does. This story is developing…


We’re knaves. ♠️ We’re complicated pirates with simple rules. 3 to be exact. 1.COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE 2. Just Win Baby 3.We don’t mess around with gangster business. The Raiders started in Oakland where bonds were formed. They then played in Los Angeles where more bonds were formed and bonds were broken. Then the same thingContinue reading “NEW LAS VEGAS RAIDERS FAN GUIDE.”

If only it was just the tip…

The RAIDERS cornerback didn’t just not tip (sacrilege in a city built on what’s called the SERVICE industry) He threw his cards at the dealer (female) and called her a racial epithet. Keep in mind; dude was up 25 dimes. Anyway, he’s gonna need it. He’s not on the roster for Monday night opener. MakeContinue reading “If only it was just the tip…”

“Las Vegas, we have a problem”…. (And it’s a “RAIDER”)

Apparently the team staff haven’t explained to the “Playas” and “Ballers” the city they live in. One guy had a good night and did this. Given recent disgusting behavior by cornerback toward Aria baccarat room staff (including not tipping, despite being up tens of thousands), perception of Raiders isn’t changing anytime soon. — VitalContinue reading ““Las Vegas, we have a problem”…. (And it’s a “RAIDER”)”

#12 is coming back…

Once a RAIDER, Always a RAIDER. RAIDERS don’t quit. The RAIDERS President was moved aside yesterday. This means one thing and one thing only. We’ve got a mutiny in the RAIDERS org. I’m speculating that Pres to battle against Chucky and Mayock over Aaron Rodgers. And lost. Mark Davis being the gentleman this he isContinue reading “#12 is coming back…”

Introducing The Football League – the most exciting new Madden ‘22 League

We’re starting The Football League, a 32 team Madden ‘22 League. Details to follow but we’re looking for owners to take the reins of a team and play the weekly schedule once the game is released. Send a bio about yourself and the team you want to There will be cash prizes for theContinue reading “Introducing The Football League – the most exciting new Madden ‘22 League”

Go figure…

The first use of The 21 Chip occurred on 7/7/21 at a fine establishment in DTLA Wanna see the girl that made history? Stay Tuned… http://www.Twitter.con/The21Chip

Papi Chulo waiting for his iPhone.

Back then, it was called the iPhone 🤣🤣🤣 I’ve been in the game longer than many of you have been alive. They say mastery of a topic or interest of study occurs at 10k hours. I’ve done about 24k hours re: speculation. PS – part of my dislike of @philiped is his accusation thatContinue reading “Papi Chulo waiting for his iPhone.”

89%. Not a bad week…

Intern: Let me know how long it’ll take to becoming a millionaire at 89% a week. thx

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Introducing the 21 Chip… Currently accepted in Malibu at Malibu News Stand 23717 PCH, 90265 Bank phone number 272-777-2100 Thanks for playing…

Skilled Cat Enterprises starts $ALGT with Strong Buy – 🎯 in.

Skilled Cat Enterprises started $ALGT with a Strong Buy today and a one year price target of $250. I would give you a whole research report but I’m busy today making 50%. Today Buy. Buy Buy…