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An Old Cowboy Apparently Didn’t Die… #VictorCastroll $AAPL $MOAT1 $MOAT2

Philip Elmer-Dewitt said he was a farmer. Then a cowboy. He called De-Witt a PEDphile (explaining later that PED meant, “LOVERS OF PED” Elon did the same thing. Couple years later. Chuck Yeager came before these douchebags Bill? – You hung with Jeff. Then got the most incredible weekend/s with Jeff so decided, i’ve doneContinue reading “An Old Cowboy Apparently Didn’t Die… #VictorCastroll $AAPL $MOAT1 $MOAT2”

#Tradervic #twentyone #10 #trading #commandments inspired by Mark Gurman: #Apple $AAPL faces a tough compare via PED | #21sTake #trader

From Gurman’s Power On column, mailed Sunday to Bloomberg Technology subscribers. — Read on Tradervic’s / 21’s Trading Commandments. 1. Never trust a sell-side ANALyst 2. Never trust an idiot 3. Never trust an idiot sell-side analyst 4. Most ANALysts are idiots. 5. Never trust Mark Gurman 6. Never trust any  ANALyst 7.Continue reading “#Tradervic #twentyone #10 #trading #commandments inspired by Mark Gurman: #Apple $AAPL faces a tough compare via PED | #21sTake #trader”

#Watch this #great #Game7 in the World #StanleyCup with the #LAKINGS visiting the #Porin #ASS #ASSAT on #NHL #NHL22 #onlyontwitch

Check out TFL – NHL WSCP Gm 7 – 5/21/22 – Game 7 (3-3) LA KINGS (traderv1c) @ PORIN ASSAT) (LIIGA) -110 m/l o/u 5.5 at The 21 Chip Arena sponsor 🎰

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Listen to track in TIDAL – Ice Cube: It Was A Good Day

Me Explaining TFL – The Football League…

This is the response I get from anyone over 36 when I explain TFL – The Football League to them: Similar to this video about #NFTs, I think we’re gonna have to shoot one: We’ll get to work on the video. But cutting to the chase, TFL – The Football League is NFL “For theContinue reading “Me Explaining TFL – The Football League…”

TFL – Wanna see NFL 2.0? Tune in at 1:15pm PST. Kick off at 1:21pm…

I’m live on Twitch at 1:15pm PST – Watch me at TFL – The Football League Watch the San Francisco 49ers -3.5 visit the Philadelphia Eagles o/u 49.5 We’re already working on getting data for Week 2. Get info for your fantasy and daily teams. Bet the game at Only on Twitch…

Amazon likely front-runner for multiyear NFL Sunday Ticket deal: Sources

Amazon likely front-runner for multiyear @NFL Sunday Ticket deal: Sources — Read on They’re also the front-runner to own the next Football League called TFL – The Football League, a #madden22 #esports #sportsdata #crypto #currency #apparel #hospitality #play. @SteveWynn owns the @raiders and some other celebrities are said to be jockeying for Franchises.

Hey @LanaDelRey. Me again. Victor. Let’s trade…

Wanna trade your past (social media) for a ticket to the future, my Football League: Pick a Franchise and if it’s available, it’s yours in exchange for your social media presence, lock, stock, and barrel. Your fan’s boyfriends are going to be watching games in my league so win/win/win. Have your people slide intoContinue reading “Hey @LanaDelRey. Me again. Victor. Let’s trade…”

Breaking News: TFL – Steve Wynn back in the Game with purchase of Las Vegas Raiders.

Steve Wynn is getting back into the game. He recently announced the purchase of the Las Vegas Raiders in TFL, a new esports endeavour started by LVCK, LLC. Will Mr. Wynn get the last laugh in an end around? Time will tell as it always does. This story is developing…

Introducing TFL – The Football League.

MICA Bear is pleased to partner with The Football League – TFL, a new innovative approach to esports, handicapping and sports simulations. If you’re an NFL fanatic, fantasy, and/or DFS player, check them out at TFL’s mission is to use experienced Madden players to simulate weekly NFL games. You can watch the weekly gamesContinue reading “Introducing TFL – The Football League.”

Introducing The Football League – the most exciting new Madden ‘22 League

We’re starting The Football League, a 32 team Madden ‘22 League. Details to follow but we’re looking for owners to take the reins of a team and play the weekly schedule once the game is released. Send a bio about yourself and the team you want to There will be cash prizes for theContinue reading “Introducing The Football League – the most exciting new Madden ‘22 League”